Glazyev Reprimands U.S. War Policy On Ukraine
May 30, 2014 • 12:38PM

Russian Presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev took straight aim at the U.S. war policy two days ago, in remarks that have been carried in both the Russian and Western media. According to Bloomberg, Glazyev, who is accompanying Russian President Putin in Astana, Kazakhstan, charged that the Kiev regime is directly controlled by the U.S., which is seeking to start "a third world war." He said that This can't be called anything but madness — the bombing of cities, airports, escalation of unmotivated violence against their own people."

He said that the U.S. is "unfurling a war in Ukraine, after organizing a coup and putting their own people in charge, to use Ukraine as a detonator against Russia and Europe. There is growing chaos in Ukraine, and the chaos is increasingly acquiring the traits of a global catastrophe." Glazyev added that the situation in Ukraine is already a de facto war. "Any war in Europe results in great gains for the U.S., in the strengthening of its geopolitical influence, and they are sticking to their tradition," he said.

In the course of his remarks, Glazyev called on Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko to stop the punitive military operation now underway in the east, to "break the vicious circle of lawlessness."

Instead, Poroshenko is doing the opposite. "He calls on the troops to escalate the violence. According to the reports we are getting, Poroshenko ordered on May 29-30 to complete the operation at any cost, including using aviation, bombardments, and heavy artillery against the cities and residents of the Donbass," he said, reported RIA Novosti. He said that Poroshenko is trapped by "three illegitimacies: the illegitimate junta, which brought him to power, the illegitimate elections that named him the president, and the illegitimate use of military force against people."

Obama Will Meet with Poroshenko Next Week

President Barack Obama is scheduled to travel to Poland next week (to celebrate their victory over communism June 4), as the first stop on a tour that will then take him to Brussels for a G-7 meeting (June 4-5), and then to the commemoration of D-Day at Normandy (June 6). What he thinks he's going to do there is highly questionable, as witness the following interchange between Obama and National Public Radio reporter Steve Inskeep, aired today:

After a discussion on why the U.S. allegedly had a success in Ukraine (Putin pulled back troops, Western values are proceeding in Ukraine and Crimea), Inskeep asked:

"You're going to make Russia give Crimea back? Do you have the ability or the leverage to do that?"

Obama: "Well, you know, I think we're going to have to see how it plays itself out. I'm going to see Mr. Poroshenko, the newly elected president of Crimea — or newly elected president of Ukraine, next week, and I'm sure that'll be a topic of discussion."