Kesha Rogers & Michael Steger Point to Eurasia as Key to Post-Obama Era
June 3, 2014 • 5:29PM

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by: Harley Schlanger

In the last days before the California primary vote on June 3, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate from Texas, Kesha Rogers, joined her LaRouche Democratic colleague, Michael Steger, in San Francisco, where he is running against Nancy Pelosi. Rogers arrived there following the success of her campaign in making the impeachment of President Obama the leading issue in the 2014 mid-term elections. Though Rogers was defeated by phony Democrat, Wall St. millionaire David Alameel, who spent over $5 million of his own money, the breadth and depth of support for her campaign in Texas made it quite clear to Democrats nationally that they must either dump Obama, or face the prospect of being swept by GOP fascists in November, who would benefit not from any positive program they will offer, but from a large-scale desertion of Democratic voters, enraged and demoralized by the fascist nature of the Obama presidency.

LaRouche Democratic Candidates Kesha Rogers (US Senate - TX) and Michael Steger (US Congress - CA)

In San Francisco, Rogers and Steger forcefully emphasized the other focus of the intervention of LaRouche Democrats in the mid-term elections, that of the importance of a science-vectored Eurasian development program as the first priority of the post-Obama era. Michael Steger has organized extensively in the diverse ethnic neighborhoods of San Francisco, which include Chinese, Latino, Russian, Vietnamese and other populations, which are largely ignored by the hip, liberal, "techie" establishment Democrats who run the city politically. His discussion of the potential for the U.S. to join Eurasian nations in implementing their program for Eurasian physical economic progress, centered around Lyndon and Helga Zepp LaRouche's conception of the "New Silk Road" as scientifically advanced corridors of development, has sparked an excited dialogue in those communities.

This was reflected in the attendance and the discussion at a town meeting May 31, addressed by Rogers and Steger. Rogers pointed to the initiative taken by the two campaigns to jointly present solutions to the profound physical economic crises faced by their two states, driven by the ongoing devastating drought, and made worse by the combined effects of fascist fiscal austerity, and the anti-science "environmentalism" of the Greenies, as pointing the way for the U.S., once the British monarchy-controlled puppet, Obama, is removed from office. His removal, combined with rapid reinstatement of Glass Steagall banking regulation, would wipe out the power of the Wall Street and the City of London financial institutions, which currently control both parties.

The theme she presented at the town meeting is that this is a moment when people make history, by giving up any sense that events are predetermined. Events of the last week, including the vote for her in Texas, the victories of anti-European Union parties in the parliamentary elections there, and the breath-taking nature of the agreements signed by the Russian and Chinese Presidents, have changed history, as they offer an alternative to the collapse of the Trans-Atlantic system. Steger built on this theme, by showing the potential embodied in a return to the American system of credit, to fund a broad-based scientific revolution, which offers the U.S. an escape route from the breakdown of the global British Empire, into collaboration with partners in Eurasia.

The repeated emphasis of both candidates, that national interests must be above party, and that a scientific and cultural renaissance is essential, resonated powerfully among those at the town meeting, and has continued to mobilize citizens in the waning days of the campaign.

Will Democrats Get the Message?

Despite Rogers' loss in the Texas runoff, it is her candidacy that has been on the minds of Democrats, both in Texas and nationally. Nearly 3 out of ten Democrats who voted supported Rogers, whose commitment to impeach Obama was well known, both from her efforts, and from Alameel's attacks on Rogers for opposing Obama.

Despite being outspent by more than fifty to one, Rogers won 34 counties in the runoff, including two — Jefferson, where the city of Beaumont is located, and Gregg — which represent former strongholds of FDR/JFK Democrats, many of whom became "Reagan Democrats" in 1980. Rogers polled well in some areas dependent on agriculture, and therefore heavily affected by the drought, such as Lubbock County, where she received 42.9% of the vote, and in several counties dominated by major universities, such as McLennan County (Baylor University), with 42.7%, and Brazos County (Texas A&M), with 38.9%.

The real story, however, was the minuscule voter turnout, as less than 1.5% of registered voters cast ballots in the Democratic Party runoff election. This reflects the deep disaffection toward the Democratic Party, exacerbated by Obama's anti-constitutional, pro-Wall Street policies, as well as the conscious efforts by Democrats to keep down the numbers who voted. Instead of joining with Rogers in a series of debates, to engage in a serious discussion to get citizens involved in their future, which would expand the electorate, the Obama-linked Democrats prevented any public debates between Alameel and Rogers, and refused to even acknowledge that Rogers was on the ballot. Rogers' organizers found that a large majority of voters did not even know there was a runoff.

It has become evident that at least some Democrats realize they made a mistake by backing Alameel. With a shady past of connections with Michael Milken-linked hedge funds, and an ethical record which includes covering up sexual harassment in the dental clinics he owned, some party leaders are already distancing the statewide ticket from him. In an email sent out by the Texas Democratic Party days after the runoff, touting "Our Candidates", Alameel was noticeably missing.

One leading Texas Democrat, known for his sense of humor, summed up Alameel's "victory" as follows: "It took more than $5 million, and the total effort of the leadership of the Democratic Party in Texas, to get the remaining 140,000 defenders of Obama to the polls on Tuesday."

As Rogers and Steger campaign in San Francisco, they are driving this message home. Obama is headed out the door, as more and more public attention has been focused on the impeachable offenses he has committed. The Republican Party, which has refused to pursue impeachment, in part due to electoral opportunism, in part due to a common "mother" — the imperial financial networks run by Queen Elizabeth — offers no alternative, even though many patriots who are Republicans want Obama out.

Therefore, it is up to key Democrats, to respond to the challenge posed by LaRouche and his lead candidates, Rogers and Steger, and get Obama out, NOW, so as to begin the rebuilding of America, with the orientation to Eurasia. Any other approach will not just destroy the Democratic Party, but the nation, as well.