Glazyev: Poroshenko "Still Has A Choice" To Avoid War Crimes Tribunal
June 5, 2014 • 1:27PM

Sergei Glazyev, presidential aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian Presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev delivered a frank assessment of the Ukraine situation and the options available to president-elect Poroshenko as part of a wide-ranging May 28 interview with Novosti.

"... [I]t is clear that these were not elections, but the latest installment of the TV drama called "Ukraine's European choice.' First of all, they were illegitimate by definition, secondly we witnessed a total sham. Knowing something about mathematics, I can tell you that exit polls never coincide with the final result with such a tiny margin of error as seen in the Ukrainian election." He explained various techniques through which the results were pretargetted.

He said that "objective" analysis shows that the nationwide turnout was 45%, and less than one-third in the southeast. Poroshenko actually got barely over 40% of the vote, so his real level of support is no more than 20% of the people eligible to vote in regions where the elections were held. That's without counting Donetsk and Lugansk regions at all. Thus his "legitimacy" is based on no greater than 15% support in the population.

He said that Poroshenko was wound up with three illegitimacies: an illegitimate regime-change, illegitimate elections, and illegitimate use of the Armed Forces against the population.

He said they have information that Poroshenko has ordered the operation to be wound up within days, at any cost — aerial bombardment, heavy artillery, etc. against the citizens of Donbass.

"If he becomes a direct accomplice to this crime, then he, like other perpetrators of crimes against humanity and against the people of Ukraine, has a [war crimes] tribunal in his future."

"But while Turchynov, Yatsentyuk, Avakov, Nalyvaychenko and other chiefs of the junta are already up to their elbows in blood, Mr. Poroshenko still has a choice. Because, so far, he is only indirectly implicated in the use of the Army against the people of the Ukraine, as a Supreme Rada deputy who voted for all this."

"He still has time to immediately stop the aggression and sit down at the negotiating table. It's all in Poroshenko's hands, and one would like to hope that he will act as a person responsible for the interests of Ukraine and its people, rather than an American puppet such as Turchynov, Yatsenyuk and Nalyvaychenko have been so far."

Obviously these remarks were made before the aerial assaults on the militias in Donetsk, the escalated, brutal bombing of Slavyansk (40% of the population has fled, Russian TV reported tonight, and today a city water main was hit), and the aerial bombardment of the Lugansk government building yesterday, slaughtering 8 people in the street and wounding 20 (the OSCE reportedly confirmed it was an aerial strike, not the "rebel heat-seeking missile that locked on to an air conditioner" (!) story put out by Kiev).