European Leaders Won't Get In 'Lockstep' With the Queen's Obama
June 6, 2014 • 10:03AM

At his press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron in Brussels Thursday, Barack Obama crowed that the G-7 nations, who had just finished meeting, were in "lockstep" around the policy of punishing Putin and Russia. Unfortunately for Obama, nothing could be further from the truth.

First, the G-7 Summit communiqué itself, while taking an outrageously provocative stance on virtually every major area of contention between the West and Russia and China (Ukraine, Syria, the South China Sea, etc.), failed to call for new sanctions. Rather, as Cameron explained at the press conference, it gave Russia approximately a month to meet certain "conditions," including recognizing the Poroshenko government, and using its influence to stop the violence in Southeastern Ukraine.

Second, the French government has made absolutely clear that it will not cancel the helicopter carrier ship which it is building for the Russians, something which Obama made clear he wanted them to do.

Underscoring this defiance of the sanction regime, was the announcement, made in the Wall Street Journal Thursday, that 400 Russian sailors are scheduled to arrive in France on June 22 to begin training on the new carrier, ahead of its scheduled October delivery date.

And according to Deutsche Wirtsschaft Nachrichten (German Business News), Chancellor Angela Merkel told a press conference that she considers such exports as not being prohibited by the various sanctions agreements.

Third, despite reported pressure from the Obama administration on the Europeans not to meet with Russian President Putin, the prime ministers of Britain and France, and Chancellor Merkel have all decided to do so. Putin met British Prime Minister Cameron at Charles de Gaulle airport early yesterday evening, where they discussed "revitalizing the Russian-U.K. dialogue," according to Russia Today's coverage.

While Cameron and Putin were meeting, French President Hollande was dining with Obama at a luxurious restaurant in central Paris. But that was to be only his first dinner of the evening. Not long afterwards, he heartily welcomed President Putin at the Elysée Palace, for dinner number two.

Obama, meanwhile, refuses to schedule a meeting with Putin, with whom he claimed in his press conference he was a "business-like relationship." If he has the "opportunity to talk" when they are at Normandy, Obama added, he will give him the same lecture he has been giving him all along.