Global Legislators Environmentalist Conference in Mexico Confronted by LaRouche Organizers: This Is Fascism!
June 10, 2014 • 10:38AM

At the closing session of the three-day summit of the Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE), held in the Mexican Congress from June 6-8, GLOBE honorary president, the Rt. Dishonorable John Gummer, Lord Debban of Britain, was wrapping up his final brainwashing pep-talk to the 400 or so legislators attending from 80 countries, when organizers from the Citizens' LaRouche Movement of Mexico (MOCILA) interrupted his speech, calling out from the press balcony at the back of the hall: "This is the new British imperialism!" "Mexico repudiates British imperialism," "Out with GLOBE!," and singing Verdi's famous patriotic chorus, Va Pensiero. Another organizer quickly leafletted the press and dropped to the delegates below several hundred copies of a MOCILA leaflet warning them that GLOBE is "The New Face of Fascism."

"Members of Congress of any nation should be ashamed to belong to such an immoral organization, or any such organization opposed to progress and in favor of depopulating the planet," the MOCILA leaflet admonished.

The leadership of this key imperial operation, set up by the "evil twins," Tony Blair and Al Gore, in 1989 to herd parliamentarians and congressmen from around the world into the anti-human environmentalist movement, blew a gasket. Their Mexico City summit had centered on the necessity of getting a sufficient number of nations to not wait for international agreements to limit economic development, but to do it to themselves, through national legislation. President Obama's recent EPA rule-by-decree on de-carbonization had been heavily promoted as an example of what should be done, while Mexico was being held up as the model for the new "GLOBE Americas" chapter, because of the drastic "climate change" legislation passed by the prior administration.

While Lord Debben angrily yelled from the podium that the challengers were "representatives of the past," responsible for felling "many trees" (!), the private security force which GLOBE had deployed into the Mexican Congress, went into action, thuggishly dragging the organizers out, manhandling the women organizers, in particular, in the process, confronting national and international reporters and demanding their video-cameras and cellphones, and even verbally assaulting the director of information of the press office of the Chamber of Deputies!

The viciousness of the security response against the MOCILA organizers generated at least a dozen articles in the Mexican press, many of which identified the actual issue raised by the LaRouche movement organizers: environmentalism is fascism. Noticias de Veracruz and Hoy Noticia reported that "demonstrators distributed propaganda titled 'The New Face of Fascism,' where they told the legislators ... that they should 'distance themselves from the neo-colonialist "green" agenda of the supranational spokesmen and representatives of the British empire's foreign policy.' ... What lies behind the policies disguised as 'mitigation and adapting to climate change' pushed by supranational environmental organizations, is what is known as 'Malthusianism,' they detailed in their printed leaflet."

Some press accounts focused on the charge that "the NGO seeks to eliminate the concept and implementation of progress," and that "the false guise of defense of the environment is used, while covering up their real purpose of eliminating sovereignty and the productive capacity of nations. 'For the oligarchy, the solution to the crisis is that most of the population disappear,'" as the Quaintrain story reported. Other Mexican media preferred to focus on the supposed "breach of security" at the Congress.