Spain LaRouche Movement Organizes at Demo for an End to the Spanish Monarchy
June 10, 2014 • 10:45AM

On June 7, thousands of people demonstrated to abolish the Spanish monarchy in a number of cities across Spain. Members of the Spain LaRouche Movement (MLE) organized participants in the march held in Valencia, around LaRouche's solution to the global strategic crisis, of which the abdication of King Juan Carlos is but one expression. The organizers found significant recognition of the MLE and LaRouche among the participants, even though they have been actively organizing in Valencia for just a few months. One person said: "Oh, the LaRouchistas. What's the latest?" Another stated: "You guys are everywhere."

The demonstrations were not particularly large, and most participants had little idea of what kind of republic should replace the monarchy. Some understood that the economic devastation being imposed on Spain by the Troika had to stop. Others were more focused on British-inspired Jacobinism, including carrying mock guillotines.

Many were waving the flags of the second Spanish republic, founded in 1931 and defeated in 1939 by the fascist General Francisco Franco after over three years of brutal civil war. The demonstrators' aim is to hold a referendum before Spain's Crown Prince, the Bourbon Felipe, is crowned, which is supposed to happen on June 19. The coronation would be held at a joint session of the Spanish Parliament, with the support of the ruling Peoples Party and opposition Socialists.

A poll just published in El País found that nearly two-thirds—62%—of Spaniards think that a referendum should be held "at some point" to decide on the Spanish monarchy. But Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has rejected calls for a referendum.

The MLE has just published a statement headlined: "Fine. But Now the British Empire and Its Genocidal Troika Have To 'Abdicate.'" It begins by quoting Helga Zepp-LaRouche's evaluation of the political earthquake sweeping Europe after the Euro Parliament elections, and explains that the abdication of King Juan Carlos is an expression of that same earthquake. It then warns people that an even greater economic earthquake is about to hit the entire trans-Atlantic sector, in the form of the bail-in blowout of the entire financial system. The MLE statement calls for Spain to:

  • Exit NATO, and shut the Rota and Moron military bases
  • "Exit the concentration camp known as the European Union"
  • Exit the euro and return to a sovereign national currency
  • Implement Glass-Steagall bank separation
  • Establish a Hamiltonian credit system to foster high-technology projects such as the World Land-Bridge, nuclear energy, etc.

The statement concludes:

"We Spaniards do not have to keep suffering the genocide that the British Empire and its toadies in Brussels and Wall Street are imposing on us. We don't have to keep tolerating evil and unscientific 'green' environmentalist policies which the oligarchy has created to impose backwardness and de-industrialization. We can create a future of progress and dignity for humanity, using Classical culture and science to create an economy based on unlimited thermonuclear fusion energy.

"Don't abdicate your historical responsibility. As the Marquis of Posa told King Philip II in the famous Friedrich Schiller play, Don Carlos: 'Thus become among a million kings, a king.' Join the MLE's activities. There are no limits to growth! There is a limit to a tyrant's power!"