Texas Dems Continue To Implode
June 12, 2014 • 10:07AM

Developments over the last days demonstrate a further erosion of the Texas Democratic Party. The plan to "Turn Texas Blue" depended largely on out-of-state money, a self-funded Senate candidate (to save money!), and a linear, computer-driven "forecast" that the growing Hispanic population would vote for the statewide Democratic Party ticket.

Last weekend, at the Texas state LULAC convention, the "Hispanic flank" came unglued, as the more serious, grass roots organizers — led by several veterans who had supported the Kesha Rogers campaign — denounced the "outreach" to Hispanics as a shallow attempt to buy votes. A conference panel on Getting Out the Vote was run by an arrogant former AFSCME official, who headed the 2008 Obama Hispanic voter drive. He essentially blamed the people for being apathetic and lacking passion, saying that they have been given good candidates, beginning with Obama, but have not taken advantage of the openings for them. He blamed this, in part, on Mexico's political culture, saying the PRI's "one-party dictatorship" made Mexicans cynical, and they brought these views to the U.S.!

This was refuted by one LULAC Council leader, who pointed to Alameel as an example of the most cynical side of this drive. Alameel is a terrible candidate, who can't engage in a serious discussion, this organizer said. He comes to us with money, but no ideas. Then, he won't talk to us, to see what we really think. I tell those of our people who need the money to take it, but don't do anything for him.

A former national LULAC president backed him up, saying that there are two huge errors being made by the state Democrats. First, they think Hispanic voters are for sale. "We are too proud to be bought," he said. Second, the main appeal of the party is to white liberal suburbanites, to support Wendy Davis, on the single issue of abortion. While many Hispanics oppose abortion, he said, that is not the issue — it's that you won't mobilize Hispanic voters around a SINGLE issue, as we have many concerns, especially with the economy, which are not being addressed. In discussion after the panel, he and others said they were hoping Kesha would win, because she wanted to engage in a real discussion.

Some leading Hispanic Democrats are discussing the possibility of a walk-out from the Democratic state convention later this month, in response to the arrogance of the state party.