Turn the Country Upside Down With LaRouche's 4-Points Survival Plan and Obama's Impeachment
June 13, 2014 • 9:34AM

By Jeff Steinberg

The stunning and crushing defeat of Wall Street's towel boy Eric Cantor in Tuesday's Republican primary in Virginia, is but the latest indication that the American people are fed up with Wall Street and London's ownership of our political class in Washington, starting with that British stooge President Barack Obama. The idea that the defeat of Cantor is being touted as a so-called "Tea Party" event is hogwash. Put this Virginia action together with Kesha Rogers' stunning victory (yes, victory) in Texas, and you see opportunities for us everywhere. As LaRouche emphasized earlier this week, despite the positive events in Eurasia, the world will not survive the still-looming thermonuclear war showdown unless there is a clear victory in the United States. That means Obama's immediate removal from office by Constitutional means and the implementation of LaRouche's "The Four New Laws to Save the United States Now."

We should be turning the country upside down to mobilize around that four-point survival course. LaRouche wrote that crucial document to address an increasingly desperate and dumbed-down population, to give Americans a concise and clear sense of what must be done to avoid the total destruction of the United States as we have known it historically. Furthermore, with Russia now clearly challenging the Anglo-American new doctrine of "color revolution" perpetual warfare, we also have the moment of opportunity to fully expose those British Empire plans for the wipe-out of the overwhelming majority of the world's population — whether by direct thermonuclear war conflict provoked by the Crown and its agents, or by the perpetual war we are now seeing throughout Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific. The same British/Saudi-created Al Qaeda networks that ran the 9/11 attacks that gave the Bush-Cheney gang the initial pretext to rip up the Constitution, in what LaRouche warned in advance was a new Reichstag fire, are now on a rampage inside Iraq. ISIS fighters are within range of Baghdad after taking major cities in the north of Iraq. ISIS has posted a YouTube video, vowing to kill Jordan's King Abdullah II and to open similar warfare targeting Jordan, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, and the Sinai. In other words, to spread the warfare in Syria and Iraq throughout the entire region. This is the kind of provocation for general war escalation that LaRouche has been warning of since the assassination of Qadaffi. Remember: at that time, LaRouche said that the execution of Qadaffi signaled that the British were now directly targeting Russia and China. Think about how prescient that warning was!

With the Russians now joining in on the exposure of the British war plans centered on "color revolutions," we have further allies to destroy the British empire once and for all. The entire trans-Atlantic financial system is ready to blow. Even the deputy managing director of the IMF warned this week that we are facing a new real estate bubble around the globe and that it is set to blow. If an honest audit is conducted, every too-big-to-fail bank in Europe will flunk, along with all the big Wall Street banks in the US. We are on the edge of bail-in, and that is the event that signals the immediate doom of the entire system. This is why the British and their stooges in the White House are so desperate to start a direct confrontation with Russia and China.

What we do in the United States in the coming days is absolutely vital. LaRouche has given us an extraordinary, precise new weapon in this fight. Don't miss the opportunity. We need to strike as a single strategic force.