How Do We Create A World Without War? It Starts With The 4 Points
June 14, 2014 • 10:23AM

By Nancy Spannaus

The world headlines are dominated by war once again—the spreading sectarian war in Iraq and the gruesome Nazi offensive by Kiev in South-eastern Ukraine, especially, but also the less splashy but murderous conflicts going on through Africa, South Asia, and beyond. Each one of these wars, but especially the one in Southwest Asia, is directly attributable to the intention, and specific set-up, of the British Empire.

At the same time, that same Empire is proceeding with a bail-in policy of mass murder, based on systematically depriving populations throughout the globe of the essential means of life, in order to maintain their fictitious system of financial "value." The bankers and their minions are not waiting for new Cyprus "events" to seize your bank account. Exemplary of the process already underway are the Nazi healthcare policies of the Obama administration, and the systematic thievery of pension funds, health care benefits, and other essential services going on in localities around the nation.

But, how can we actually effectively end these wars, all of which are contributing to a potential global war of extinction?

The answer lies literally in the Noösphere—man's unique creative mental abilities to create a new economy, after discarding the murderous sham of monetarism, which is generating the irrationality, violence, and death.

Think of LaRouche's Four Laws to Save the U.S.A. from this standpoint, not as four distinct "practical" measures, but from the standpoint of the Vernadsky implications which LaRouche elaborates. Consider them from the standpoint of the future we must create, a future without war and mind-destroying poverty.

A reflection of this necessary kind of thinking is reported below in the item on the Dushanbe conference of Central Asian Club on Eurasian Development, where the discussion focused on building the basis for peaceful collaboration among nations. Quite rightly, the organizers understood that, without such a perspective, Central Asia, like other parts of the world, is ripe to become another Ukraine. But the only way to avoid that is by aiming at the higher objective of industrial and scientific development, not by simply seeking to avoid war.

With this in mind, our task is to build up a firestorm within the United States behind LaRouche's Four Laws, immediately. A Day of Action is scheduled for Tuesday. Congress will be back, and we will be there in force. We have the ideas necessary to save the United States—now we have to create the means and motion to do it.