Bloggers Denounce NPR for Anti-Russian Propaganda
June 14, 2014 • 10:39AM

National Public Radio (NPR) made a feeble attempt on June 12 to dismiss Moscow's warning at the Moscow international security conference, about "color revolutions" as a new form of warfare. The spin triggered a spate of angry replies that accused NPR, itself, of being part of the West's war- propaganda machine. NPR predictably reported, "Moscow has been talking lately about "color revolutions" as a new form of warfare employed by the West. The name comes from the Orange and Rose Revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia, respectively.... While Russia accuses the West of this kind of subversion, it seems to be following the same playbook in eastern Ukraine."

More than a dozen angry comments were posted about NPR's spin against Russia, with some adding details about the National Endowment for Democracy's subversion of other nations. A comment from a blogger named Mikhail Zubkov warned about World War III.

Zubkov commented, "The USA is actively conducting new COLD WAR pretending to dictate the world to obey its dictatorship called "american democracy".... The USA international sovereign debt is 103% GNP, the Government internal debt is of the same size, inflation level equals "statistical" GNP growth, 48 mln of Americans are using food stamps, 15% of people are practically bankrupt and will never pay their consumer credits back from the average debt lavel of two years family income. That is the reason the USA is on the way to WWIII in Europe, Asia and Midle East, as well as Latin America. So Ukraine is only one of pretexts."

See LaRouche: Colored Revolutions "Illegal Warfare Under International Law & Federal Constitution"