British Empire Unleashes Barbarism in Iraq
June 18, 2014 • 8:53AM

The sheer barbarism of the ISIS military operations in Iraq is intended to be the trigger for a new Hundred Years War inside Islam, pitting Sunnis versus Shi'ites, Persians versus Arabs, and turning the entire region into an inferno of bloodshed. On Monday, the New York Daily News ran a front-page, full-page color photograph of ISIS killers massacring unarmed Iraqi soldiers on their bellies in front of a mass grave. ISIS posted the photographs on their own very professional websites to create terror and pessimism. This is the essence of the Dark Age agenda of the British Crown and their array of zombie assets around the globe.

Like the British-run fool that he is, President Obama is weighing various military options, when the only viable option is a total break with the Anglo-Saudi empire that has spawned ISIS and an array of other Dark Age killer forces. Instead, Obama has sent the USS George W. Bush aircraft carrier and five other American Navy warships into the Persian Gulf. 500 Marines and a large number of helicopters are prepared to intervene, ostensibly in an emergency evacuation mission. Obama is contemplating air strikes against ISIS, and, while claiming he will not deploy "boots on the ground," he has already sent in 270 additional armed American troops under the immediate command of the U.S. Ambassador in Baghdad. On Monday, Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns, in Vienna for the next round of P5+1 talks with Iran, met with Iranian officials, one on one, to discuss military options in Iraq. Iran has, according to a late Tuesday story in the Daily Beast, offered to provide whatever military support is needed by the al-Maliki government to defeat ISIS. There are reportedly already 500 Al Quds Brigade IRGC troops on the ground.

The ISIS forces (combined ISIS fighters, veteran Iraqi Sunni officers and solders who were purged under Wolfowitz and Bremer's de-Baathification program, and members of the largest Sufi sect in the world) have moved within 40 miles of Baghdad, to the town of Baquba, where heavy fighting was reported on Tuesday by CNN. Col. Patrick Lang, who was an American military adviser to the Iraqi Army in the late 1980s during the war with Iran, has posted a warning on his website that there is a serious danger of a mass hostage situation and has urged an accelerated evacuation of all Americans from Iraq. There are 3,000 Americans at the embassy in Baghdad alone, and a total of 25,000 Americans in the country altogether. It will require a large-scale air and sea-lift to get them all safely out. Lang warns that ISIS could take a large number of American hostages, and that would virtually assure full-scale American engagement, spreading the war and expanding the risk of a total Global Showdown.

Wednesday afternoon at 3 PM, President Obama is scheduled to meet with the Congressional leaders, having been convinced that he had to go to Congress under the War Powers Resolution or face impeachment. Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, and McConnell will be at the White House to discuss U.S. military options and to test Congressional support for whatever action Obama is told to take.

The danger of a sectarian, perpetual war inside Islam has not been missed by everyone. Ayatollah Sistani, the Najaf-based Shi'ite cleric who has been a staunch opponent of religious warfare, issued a statement covered on Monday by Al-Akhbar of Lebanon, calling on "all citizens, specially in the mixed areas where Sunnis and Shi'ites exist together, to exercise the highest degree of restraint and work on strengthening the bonds of love between each other, and to avoid any kind of sectarian behavior that may affect the unity of the Iraqi nation and all kinds of armed manifestations outside of the official Iraqi army." At nearly the same time as the Sistani statement, a leading Sunni cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Kabisi, issued a June 10 fatwa calling for mobilization against all terrorist groups seizing cities around Iraq and granting status of martyr to whomever dies confronting them.

While these clerical leaders have been attempting to push back against onslaught for a sectarian war, Prime Minister al-Maliki issued new statements today, continuing to focus the blame on Saudi Arabia for the unleashing of ISIS. Maliki accused Riyad of "siding with terrorism," noting, "We hold Saudi Arabia responsible for what these groups are receiving in terms of financial and moral support. The Saudi government should be held responsible for the dangerous crimes committed by these terrorist groups."