Churkin, Lavrov on Ukraine War Crimes
June 18, 2014 • 9:06AM

Vitaly Churkin, Russian Ambassador to the UN, offered a revised draft of a UN Security Council resolution on Ukraine, combining components of the two previously failed resolutions but taking into account the criticism that the drafts received from Western states, says RT. Churkin said:"We believe that we did our best in order to make it a balanced text, a text which can attract support from wide ranging members of the Security Council,"

Churkin also denounced the continued air and mortar attacks by the Kiev military in the east, including on hospitals, escaping civilians, residential houses, and a kindergarten. He said:"It is of particular concern that Ukrainian forces use unguided munitions and inhumane weapons. There is video footage that shows that incendiary phosphorus containing ordnance was used by the Ukrainian air force against the town of Semyonovka, in the Donetsk region, which may be qualified as a war crime,"

Right Sector Tortures Journalists, Ukraine Army Kills Them

Two Russian journalists from Zvezda TV were captured by Right Sector on Saturday and released on Monday after being tortured. The reporters were forced to write statements and speak on a video that they had been ordered by Russia to subvert Ukraine and to apologize. They were threatened with death, but released Monday after two days.

Back in Moscow, with extensive bruises from the beatings, they said: "They [Right Sector] dictated [to] us what to write. If I wrote something wrong, they beat us and using death threats made us re-write the letter." The Nazis sent text messages to the wife of one reporter, saying that they would cut off his head and legs and send them home one piece at a time, according to RT. They demanded a ransom of $200,000 from their relatives.

Russian Gas Pipeline to Europe Blows Up in Ukraine

The largest Russian consumer gas pipeline in Ukraine was blown up yesterday. The Brotherhood natural gas pipeline is 4,451 km. long, passing through Ukraine and into Slovakia, where it diverges in two directions, with one part supplying gas to the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Switzerland, and the other to Austria, Italy, Hungary, and several countries in the Balkans. Whether the explosion affects gas supplies to Europe will be seen in the coming days, Gazprom reported.