Walter Jones Interviewed on C-SPAN's Washington Journal
June 24, 2014 • 12:28PM

U.S. Rep. Walter Jones was featured on the C-SPAN program Washington Journal yesterday morning in a half-hour interview and call-in segment, brought on to discuss the U.S. military actions in Iraq.

The interviewer read aloud from the letter Jones recently wrote to Obama declaring that the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) does not authorize U.S. military action in Iraq today, allowing Jones to establish his opposition to advisers and bombing.

One questioner identifying herself as a Ron Paul supporter called in to ask about the Saudi connection to 9/11. Jones referenced his introduction with Lynch and Massie of HR 428, declaring that the 28 pages "have nothing to do with security.... They have more do with relationships, and that's the most I can say." He referred to the demands coming from the 9/11 families and former Senator Bob Graham, then said, "To me, there is no freedom if the U.S. population does not know the truth about one of the worst days in history."

Rep. Jones recently spoke on the topic of House Resolution 428 in remarks to the Schiller Institute conference, "It's Time to Create a World Without War."

On the C-Span program, Jones repeatedly spoke of his regret over voting to allow Bush into Iraq. He spoke compassionately about a recent trip to Walter Reed Hospital to visit wounded vets and stressed the failure of the foreign policy of the past 15 years. He compared Obama's introduction of 300 advisors in Iraq to the beginning of the Vietnam War. We need to rebuild America, he said — how can we spend money on roads in Afghanistan when we can't afford to rebuild roads in North Carolina?

Early in the interview, Jones asked, "Where are the Brits on this issue of the collapse of Iraq? They're not going to send any military in there." He voted for all of Barbara Lee's amendments to the Defense Appropriations bill and believes there are a growing number of Republicans who would do the same.

Despite his long-standing senior role on the House Armed Services Committee, Jones has never appeared on the program before.