Russia and Ukraine, June 26th
June 26, 2014 • 2:47PM

Glazyev Warns EU Association Agreement "Economic Suicide" for Ukraine, as Poroshenko Rushes to Sign It

Even as urgent diplomacy is under way to stem the bloodshed in eastern Ukraine and nearly half a million people have fled the country, President Petro Poroshenko plans to sign the economic section of Ukraine's Association Agreement (AA) with the European Union, tomorrow.

Russia, France and Germany in Diplomatic Engagement with Kiev

Russian President Vladimir Putin, President of France Francois Hollande, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held another conference call yesterday, just three days after their June 22 consultation about cooling the situation in Ukraine.

Russia Is Using "Import Substitution" To Replace Ukrainian Military Imports

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said on Tuesday in Vladivostok, that 95% of the military hardware imported from Ukraine will be replaced with domestic production, to be ready within 2.5 years. "The work is on schedule," Borisov said at an aircraft factory.

Austria: No Alternative to Russian Natural Gas

Austria does not want to wait for the EU Commission to present its so-called "emergency plan" for the distribution of energy sources among its 28 member states, but has taken its own steps to secure gas supplies from Russia, with the new long-term agreement signed in Vienna between the Austrian gas firm OMV and Russia's Gazprom.