Tell Your Congressman To Declare Independence From Obama Now!
June 29, 2014 • 2:40PM

A Call To Arms

The need to impeach Obama has never been greater than it is now. This recent edition of the LaRouchePAC in Action is an urgent reminder that you, the citizen are responsible for your representative faithfully executing his office. In this moment of history, that means that your representative must initiate impeachment proceedings against President Obama.

Key leaflets to give to your Representative:

List of Organizing Opportunities for LaRouchePAC Activists

What follows are a list of potential events that are ripe opportunities for LaRouchePAC activists to attend. Print and distribute the latest materials listed above, confront the Representative/Senator with a question about the need to impeach President Obama, and generally raise hell. The list below is only a partial list, the best way to intersect your elected representatives during this August recess is to call their office, look them up yourself online, using facebook, Google+, and whatever means you can think of. All of our organizers should look for such opportunities, and this list is intended as merely a first step.

Congressional Town Hall Meetings