We are headed for a Global War
July 2, 2014 • 1:33PM

During the June 23 LaRouche Policy Committee show, Lyndon LaRouche issued the following evaluation of the murderous assault on the nation of Argentina:

"The bailout/bail-in policy is in full play now, and this attack on Argentina set this into motion," LaRouche said. The British Empire's trans-Atlantic financial system is thoroughly bankrupt, LaRouche said, and the situation is ripe to "explode or implode immediately. So what we're headed for is a world war, a global world war."

Day by day, that process of global warfare is accelerating. Just take a look around the planet.

First, there's Ukraine, where the dubious President Poroschenko, who had been installed in power through British-Obama backed Nazi forces, had been in daily discussions with President Putin, Merkel, and Hollande toward calming the situation in southeastern Ukraine, but then suddenly declared an end to the ceasefire, under pressure from what the Russian Foreign Ministry called "external influence." The violence has escalated dramatically in the ensuing hours.

Second, there's Iraq, where the Caliphate, brought into being through the process of the British imperial wars and sponsorship of terrorism in the region, is waging an increasingly terrifying slaughter, and coming closer and closer to Baghdad, and British puppet Obama is sending in hundreds of U.S. forces, plus weaponized drones and ships, to stoke the tinderbox.

Nor is the process in Southwest Asia limited to Iraq; the "jihad without borders" is spreading in Lebanon, Yemen, and East Africa—all aided and abetted by the Saudi junior partner of the British Empire. Equally tilting on the edge is Israel, where the cabinet apparently remains deadlocked over what retaliation to take after three abducted Israeli teenagers were found dead.

And don't forget Asia, where Japanese Prime Minister Abe yesterday bypassed the parliament (Diet), to have his cabinet approve a reinterpretation of the Constitution, that would allow wider latitude for military action in the region.

The global wave of bestial permanent warfare has a top-down source, and a top-down solution. It starts with impeaching British puppet Obama in the U.S., to be immediately followed by installing LaRouche's Four Laws to bankrupt the Empire.

In this context, the current mobilization in the U.S. around LaRouche's call for immediate impeachment of Obama in the wake of the Hillary Clinton revelations takes on life-or-death dimensions. Congressmen must be found and confronted—at parades, their offices, and on the street. Letters to the editor, public leafleting, social media—every legal method should be used to get the word out. Next week, the plans are to bring in high-powered delegations to Washington, D.C., when Congress returns. It will be led by Rachel Brown and Diane Sare, of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee.

But that's next week. Let's defy the pessimists and get action now!