Russia Continues To Push With Germany And France For Convening Of The Contact Group In Ukraine
July 7, 2014 • 9:42AM

According to Voice of Russia, on July 5 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held telephone talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius concerning Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated:

"During the discussions, the Russian side pointed out the necessity to avoid breaching arrangements, concerning the Berlin meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine of July 2, for the early convocation of a contact group, aimed at agreeing a termless, sustainable ceasefire between Kiev and South-East Ukraine.

"This task was emphasized as even more urgent, considering the rapid deterioration of the situation in Ukraine after the build-up of military operations by Ukrainian forces, proliferating civilian casualties and destruction of civilian infrastructure. The fact that the fighting is accompanied by the shelling of Russian territory provokes deep concern and makes obstacles for refugees seeking to leave the conflict zone.

"Steinmeier and Fabius agreed that the contact group should urgently resume its work, and expressed their readiness to use their capabilities to assist the definition of a generally acceptable location of the meeting between the representatives of Ukrainian authorities and self-defense leaders, mediated by Russia and the OSCE."