Zepp-LaRouche: The Greed of the Vulture Funds Will Backfire, There Is A Limit To the Tyrant's Power
July 7, 2014 • 1:17PM

The unbelievable scandal around the attempt of the United States to enforce the lunatic demands of the vulture fund NML Capital of Paul Singer against Argentina—with a profit-rate of 1,608% (!) in only six years—is the proverbial last drop which brings the barrel to overflowing. Unlike those many thousands of times when in the past the megaspeculators have wrought suffering and death upon millions of people, and gone away unpunished, this time the U.S. administration, the American Supreme Court, and the afore-mentioned vulture fund have been hit with an obviously unexpected, implacable resistance. All of Central and South America are standing unified behind Argentina, and are saying "No!"