Winning the Race Against Time
July 10, 2014 • 5:17AM

Yesterday, Day One of the first full session of the House and Senate in Washington after the July 4th break, saw Congressmen and staff hit full force by the LaRouchePAC constituency leadership—in person, and in effect—demanding action to impeach Obama, and re-align the United States with humanity. Prominent on Capitol Hill was the LPAC rally with the banner: "Argentina Calls Wall Street's Bluff: There Is a Limit To A Tyrant's Power—Impeach Obama!" Our impact is dramatic; the pressure now comes from being in a race against time.

The trans-Atlantic financial system is shattering. There are classic bank busts, and panics on what may appear to be the "periphery" of the City of London, as seen in recent crises in Austria, Bulgaria, and now Portugal. But imminent failure is the core condition of the entire system. Yesterday, the Espirito Santo banking group informed certain creditors, payment deadlines could not be met. Espirito Santo, the second-largest bank in Portugal, is a member of the hoary Inter-Alpha elite banks, and is now entertaining recourse to stretching out payments, issuing debt for equity, and considering how to otherwise implement bail-in.

No wonder that the German Cabinet yesterday became the earliest in Europe to draft rush-bills for Parliament to approve the new EU financial/bail-in contingency plan, and rushed its implementation date up to 2015, not 2016. Germany's action reflects the perception, that the end is nigh, though not what to do.

This is the context, in which taking the side for humanity, which Argentina's action against the vulture funds defines, is the urgent recourse. This was brought home on Capitol Hill yesterday, when some 50 people in LaRouchePAC delegations, representing five Mid-Atlantic states, confronted Congressmen and staff personally, as calls and emails continue to rain down on the Hill from home districts cross country.

"Impeachment" is on the lips of everyone. Speaker of the House John Boehner was confronted explicitly by the impeachment question, at his Republican Party press conference. A reporter asked him, why are you resorting to a lawsuit against Obama, instead of impeachment? Boehner's only response was that he "disagreed." This just puts out in the open, the fact that Boehner is currently part of an attempt to block the potential action by a pro-impeachment grouping now coalescing, involving many House Republicans, and even Democrats. But pressure on him is growing, hourly.

Pressure is also growing on the side of the program that must be implemented. Yesterday afternoon at the Capitol, petitions with nearly 600,000 signatures for reinstating Glass-Steagall—through the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act—were delivered to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), other co-sponsors of the bill, and all other Senators. They were gathered by the coalition of 162 groups, including unions and civic associations such as Public Citizen, over just recent weeks. The signers demand that Congress act now.

Time is short, but our time has come.