Putin Adds Quick, Unscheduled Visit to Nicaragua
July 13, 2014 • 9:43AM

President Vladimir Putin added a brief stop in Nicaragua for hold a quick meeting with President Daniel Ortega, between his scheduled visits to Cuba and Argentina, the first visit ever of a Russian President to that country.

Nicaraguan press reported that the two spoke of the possible Russian participation in the construction of the Great Inter-Oceanic Canal. The Kremlin's account of their discussions reported that the two had had a detailed exchange of views on all areas of bilateral cooperation, but did not mention the canal project. They discussed Russia's supply of agricultural equipment to Nicaragua, and the creation of a maintenance base for that equipment in the country; the possible delivery of grain from Russia, which Putin promised to consider as soon as possible; installation of the Russian GLONASS system (space-based navigation a la GPS) on Nicaraguan territor; and cooperation in other areas such as pharmacology.

Both Putin and Ortega noted the importance of Russian-Nicaragua law enforcement cooperation in fighting drugs, with Ortega praising Putin for his efforts to fight the war on drugs and to fight for peace.