LPAC Policy Committee, July 7, 2014, Transcript
July 15, 2014 • 9:03AM

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MATTHEW OGDEN: Good afternoon, it's July 14th, 2014. My name is Matthew Ogden, and I would like to welcome everybody watching to our weekly broadcast of the discussion with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee. We're broadcasting live today, over Google Hangouts on air. We're joined via video by Bill Roberts, joining us from Detroit, Michigan; Dave Christie, in Seattle, Washington; Michael Steger, in San Francisco, California; and Rachel Brown, in Boston, Massachusetts. We will be joined momentarily by Kesha Rogers, also. And here in the studio, I'm joined by Diane Sare.

Let me just start off by saying immediately, this week is a critical week, and the Policy Committee is putting out a call to the entire national activist base to launch an unprecedented mobilization this week, especially going into the Thursday afternoon/Thursday evening national activists call of LaRouche PAC. We have a phone number which is going to be broadcast on the screen right now, as you can see, and you can call into this number immediately to reach our national office and get the details on this activists' call [1-800-929-7566]. The idea is that, as Mr. LaRouche emphasized via Dennis Small in the Friday webcast last Friday and as was reemphasized by Mr. LaRouche in discussions over the weekend that the United States has the responsibility to become the paragon for a new paradigm of relations among nations. Which is emerging, but must be led by the United States, number one, by adopting the full, four-part recovery program of Mr. LaRouche, the Four Laws that he has laid out based on the original Hamiltonian principle of the U.S. Constitution, and number two, for the immediate impeachment of Barack Obama, the Pariah President.

So again, we're issuing a national call for maximum mobilization of our activist base, and we encourage, as Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche have both reiterated this weekend, that Americans must all now rise to the occasion this week, and take personal responsibility for returning our nation to our constitutional principles. A new economic order for the planet is now emerging, but the United States must claim its rightful role as the leadership among this new paradigm of nations. So Diane, maybe you can develop on that.

DIANE SARE: Sure. So as people know, Congress is in session now for three weeks, through the end of July, and this week already is a very big week: You have the BRICS summit in Brazil, which is the concretization of a new planetary system, and people should not think that this has any other origin than Lyndon LaRouche's work over the last 40 years, and our efforts most recently to develop in leaders, a profound understanding of the world of Alexander Hamilton, in particular, the question of credit versus the question of money per se. This is the battle for civilization.

Also on Wednesday are the hearings on Boehner's lawsuit, where as much as he probably did not intend to open the floodgates for impeachment, as usual the Congress is out of touch with reality and you needed just the slightest little crack, and the floodgates have opened. And I was thinking of Shelley, A Defence of Poetry. And I just want to reach a little passage, because Boehner very perfectly embodies the instrument in one of these, and it's a great irony.

At the end of Shelley' paper In Defense of Poetry, he writes:

"The most unfailing herald, companion, and follower of the awakening of a great people" — we may have to do some work in that regard — "to work a beneficial change in opinion or institution, is poetry. At such periods there is an accumulation of the power of communicating and receiving intense and impassioned conceptions respecting man and nature. The person in whom this power resides, may often, as far as regards many portions of their nature, have little apparent correspondence with that spirit of good of which they are the ministers." That definitely applies to John Boehner! "But even whilst they deny and abjure, they are yet compelled to serve, that power which is seated on the throne of their own soul." And that perfectly gets the concept of the mass strike, what we are in, where we have come now to an existential crisis for mankind as a whole. You see it in the revolt globally, you see in what's happened in Germany, where they are expelling or on the brink of expelling our CIA station chief; now it turns out we have 12 more American spies. This is very, very big! It's a very dramatic shift. Americans I don't think appreciate the full implications of what this means for our alliance with Western Europe and our credibility as a nation around the world. What happened with Argentina, where the Supreme Court, which is used to thinking it's — I don't know — the law of universe or something, is unable to enforce Argentina's subservience to the vulture funds.

And then you see it in the United States, where it is the case that 70-80% of the American people want this President out! In fact, a lot of them want the entire Congress out! They're sick of it. They've had enough, they want no more. And the slightest inkling of motion unleashes a floodgate, which they can't control. And we saw that this past week, when Boehner gave press conferences two days in a row: On Thursday, the one was supposed to be about jobs and immigration, but all the questions were on impeachment. And he was forced to say, "Well! If someone else..."

OGDEN: He denied and abjured.

SARE: Right, exactly! "That's for someone else determine." And then the last question, which was almost like the writing on the wall, where they say, "don't you think the judge will kindly say that if the President has committed these crimes the remedy lies with the Congress in the form of impeachment?" So, here he has become the instrument of a great good for the nation, and I must say, was not a person who looked likely to become that.

OGDEN: Well, it's very interesting, because as we discussed on the webcast on Friday, a lot of this was unleashed, sort of coincidentally, by an op-ed that Sarah Palin published last Monday, which was limited, but it called for the impeachment of Obama. Now, there's been a followup op-ed by Sarah Palin over the weekend, which is much more developed, and lo and behold, she starts the entire thing by citing Alexander Hamilton! And then goes through a very developed list of the impeachable crimes of Obama, which are very much the crimes that LaRouche PAC has listed against Obama, and then, hits right at the fraud of people who say, "well, let's just go with the lawsuit," or people who say, "let's just wait for the midterm election." She says, "2010, been there, done that."

But in the aftermath of this fight that broke out over last week, also on Friday evening, Walter Jones, Barbara Lee, and McGovern, from Massachusetts entered a House Concurrent Resolution 105 into the United States Congress mandating a debate before the end of July as to whether or not all U.S. troops should be withdraw from Iraq immediately, which is very significant.

And then, if you look at this upcoming Rules Committee vote that will happen on Wednesday, this just puts the impeachment question on the table. I think the comment which was made was very appropriate. Maybe in the aftermath of the expulsion of the CIA double agents from Berlin, perhaps the issue should be now that we should expel the double agents in Washington, for the British imperial war policy. Maybe that's what we should do now, and the leading double agent, obviously, is being expressed by the Obama White House.

So maybe we can expect that over the course of this week. If you look at what's changed, even since we met one week ago today, in terms of the breakout around the impeachment of Obama, and think about what can happen this week, I think the sense of urgency is very appropriate.

DAVE CHRISTIE: I'll just add, I think the question that always comes up concerning impeachment, because it's obviously a big deal, but you have to have a continuity of government. This was something that Mr. LaRouche stressed and also identified in what he's put out on his Four Laws, the four-point program that is going to be coming in once Obama goes.

And I think that's the question now. Everybody's saying, "well, what about 2016? What about the Presidency then?" and meanwhile we have the absolute disintegration of the global financial system, you have bail-in being implemented, cases in Europe in Austria, this is now moving full-steam ahead, which is also the trigger for global war. This is not going to be, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche identified in some discussions yesterday, when the breakup of the Soviet Union occurred, it was a relatively peaceful unfolding of that. This is not going to be the peaceful unfolding of the financial system, because the British Empire knows that they're losing their grip right now. And you look at these various flash points, of not just war, but really a dark age: You know the ISIS takeover of the Middle East, the situation with Ukraine, which obviously we had the shelling inside of Russia, with a Russian citizen killed by this, and Russia has vowed there will be responses on that; you know. You just see that this full dark age war capability, which war in these circumstances will go thermonuclear. And I think we just need to be clear on that.

So the question of the removal of Obama is absolutely crucial, but it's got to be in the context of there being an interim government. And I think the point of which Mr. LaRouche identified on Bill Clinton opening up a dialogue concerning Glass-Steagall, it's notable to think back to the end of the '90s, when Bill Clinton actually identified the concept of a New Bretton Woods, whereas LaRouche was identifying it, and what Bill Clinton had come out and announced, the need for a "new financial architecture," in the middle of an unfolding financial collapse at the end of the '90s, signaled by the collapse of the Russian bond market and the blowout of a hedge fund called Long Term Capital Management.

And at that moment, then, there was a discussion within the U.S. Presidency, initiated by LaRouche and followed up by people within the Clinton circles, of a new financial architecture, of going back to a New Bretton Woods approach which would cut out the financial speculation that has made London and Wall Street so dominant and so enabled to enforce this kind of debt-slavery that we now see that they'd like to push onto Argentina.

And now, there's this global revolt under way, where nations are siding with Argentina. We had the call in the Organization of the American States meeting, two weeks ago, by a member of the delegation from Guyana, Robeson Benn, saying, we need a return to Glass-Steagall.

So we begin to see that what was initiated at the end of the '90s, with Mr. LaRouche, through the Clinton administration of the discussion of the U.S. Presidency of going back to a new financial architecture, this is now begin put on the table right now. And so, I think it's important that the Bill Clinton and with the revelations that's come out now in this blood Feud book, that it was Obama that was at the center of the Benghazi lies, forcing Hillary to say that this was the stupid YouTube video.

So I think that we're beginning to see that the fracturing that's occurring in the Democratic Party and the importance of what the Clinton circles could lead on that, within the discussion that we've initiated of what a new financial architecture should be now, that that's what the interim government should and could be, as we see that the rest of the world is calling for this to be implemented.

RACHEL BROWN: Right. And it's important to remember in this discussion of all these other policies happening, via China, Russia, the Brazil conference, that these are not just independent of the United States. It is the U.S. tradition in history which has most clearly defined what the measures are which need to be taken now, as Mr. LaRouche's four point go through, with the credit system, National Bank, investment into high-technology science progress: this is the American System policy. So this really can't be done without the United States. The United States must play a leading role in this policy.

And just one point on that, of how we turned the other direction, is that recently last fall, John Kerry actually renounced the Monroe Doctrine, and said that the era of the Monroe Doctrine is over, you know, similar to Blair's declaring the end of the era of Westphalia, he said the era of the Monroe Doctrine is over. He claimed it was because now we're an equal partnership, we don't need to defend the sovereignty of these nations. But, obviously if you look at the recent ruling of the U.S. supporting the attack on Argentina, our promotion of the drug trade, spying on the diplomats of South American countries, that that's not actually the purpose of this policy change, but it is this question of Empire. So we have to get rid of this administration and get the U.S. back to its historical identity in the world.

SARE: On that, I really just want to emphasize again, that people should call into our national headquarters and get connected, one, on Thursday nights we have a conference call of activists all over the country, and this week we want to have 1,000 people on that phone call. So, people who are concerned about what's happening with the nation, what you can do, what's the schedule in Washington, what's your most crucial flank to hit on the Congress, call into the LaRouche PAC headquarters to get the information for the Thursday, to find out about other activists in y our area. We have three weeks, but obviously this hearing on Wednesday is a crucial inflection point, where we would like to bring everything we can to bear. We also have a [leaflet for the week's deployment, which is up on the larouchepac.com website which you can print out and distribute and circulate.

But impeaching Obama is not a spectator sport! We are going to have to — we know what the pressure is on Congress. We've seen these ghoulish bankers stalking people down the halls. And in the state legislators' conference, I've have firsthand experience with these characters.

OGDEN: Mm-hmm. You see the money coming from Paul Singer, the vulture fund blood money into members of Congress.

SARE: Right. Exactly. So the American people have to become a more powerful and more intimidating forced than the Wall Street operation. And it should be fairly easily done, but it means that we can't have people sitting idly by. We need everybody this week to mobilize

KESHA ROGERS: Let me just add to that, because I think the sense of urgency really has to be there. First of all, I want tell people that the title of the leaflet is called, "LaRouche: The U.S. Must Lead the World. Impeach Obama!" And that's exactly what we have to understand: The American people have to understand their role in this fight is, that the U.S. must lead the world, that the rest of the world is waiting on the United States to actually return to its rightful place of leadership in a community of nations, a community of sovereign nations. You look at the situation that's happening with the development plans with the BRICS nations, which include Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.

As Rachel said, what these nations are making clear, first of all, is that the long historic fight for the last 50 years of Lyndon LaRouche and the fight for the Eurasian Land-Bridge development, the fight for the Silk Road development, the fight for continuing the conception and the community of principle which was embedded in the Treaty of Westphalia, which is embedded in our Constitution and Declaration of independence, as an idea, as a principle, not just as a document but as a principle that all nations can follow by, has to be the rapid understanding of the population.

The problem is is that we have a population that has been dumbed down, and who really thinks that they need to be looking at this impeachment drive which is coming on rapidly, which is gaining momentum as an avalanche, as something that is a spectator sport! I mean they're thinking about the impeachment drive like they're thinking about the soccer game, or the World Cup, or Kobe Bryant being transferred from the Miami heat to Cleveland, Ohio — yeah, exactly! [laughter] Who cares?

The point being is that, let me just remind people, in our — and I will read this very short quote again, "A Declaration of Independence

"We hold these truths to be self-evident:

"That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed...."

So, I wanted to reemphasize that, because the consent of the governed, are those of you who are watching this, those of you who understand right now, that the time has come that there's enough talk. We have to take action. Congress members have to get a swift kick in the rear: They have to take action now.

As we were discussing before, there can be no compromising with Satan. And I think that we're at a period where, as you see the continued calamity of the war drive, the threat of thermonuclear war, the global financial collapse, the reality is, that what Mr. LaRouche has put on the table, as a sound and solid solution, with his Four Laws for recovery, starting with Glass-Steagall is the only way that we're going to break this system, the only way we're going to break this British Empire. So I wanted to make sure again to reiterate the sense of urgency as Diane and others have laid out.

OGDEN: Let me just actually echo what you were just saying, Kesha, because I think it's very important, as Diane asserted in the beginning to realize that this entire emerging new world system, really is predicated on the principles that Mr. LaRouche has uniquely been laying out for over 30, almost 40 years. In 1975, Mr. LaRouche wrote a document, in which he laid out the entire blueprint for what he called the "International Development Bank," and this was intended to replace what the IMF and the World Bank had become as just instruments for the looting and pillaging of the developing countries of the world. And this shook the pillars of world civilization!

Ironically, the former Foreign Minister of Guyana Fred Wills, was a very close friend of Mr. LaRouche and called for a new financial architecture based on Mr. LaRouche's principles at the Non-Aligned Movement conference. Now, you've got Robeson Benn calling for a new financial architecture based on Glass-Steagall, at the OAS conference. These are the G77, the 133 countries that have come in solidarity backing up Argentina in the fight against the vulture funds, very much overlap the nations that are part of the Non-Aligned Movement.

And then, you've got Vladimir Putin, explicitly saying in his state dinner with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in Argentina this weekend that he's there to discuss a new and improved international financial system. Xi Jinping has specified that this international new financial architecture needs to be based on the principle of the benefit of the other, the Westphalian principle, the advancement of all nations, not just the advancement of one nation versus another. Putin also made that point during his July Fourth message to President Obama last week, where he said, we have a long and historic relationship between the United States and Russia. If we can get over just fighting for our own narrow self-interest and start fighting for the common interest of all mankind, this can be the basis for a new system for the human race.

So we see that the discussions in South America are based on high productivity, high energy-flux density technology. Putin stopped in Nicaragua, in a surprise visit, to discuss the plans of a new Panama Canal, which has been longstanding on the table; in fact, I think was one of the original ideas that Mr. LaRouche was saying we should finance, with the International Development Bank, along with the Kra Canal project and others; and signed agreements with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for the Atucha III, the third Atucha nuclear power plant; for space exploration; for joint exploration of the Antarctic.

So just to go back to it, Mr. LaRouche's principles for 40 years are now the foundations for the emerging possibility of a new system for the world. And as we've been emphasizing, as Mr. LaRouche has been emphasizing, he has spelled out the four critical points that must be the foundation for the entire transformation and return of the United States to the original Hamiltonian American System. That's available. That has to be the forefront of everything we are organizing in this coming period, these four points.

MICHAEL STEGER: I think it's worth emphasizing this question of the timeframe that we're in, given these developments. There is nothing more important that people participating in this week's activities, and for people watching, it's not only to get on the call on Thursday, it also is to organize your family and friends. Because, what we're looking at as a rate of development, from the week of the Fourth into last week, was rapid changes on the political picture of impeachment, of Glass-Steagall, and the economic crisis, which is also hinged directly on this war danger. But even if you take Friday, which was largely a half-day activity of Congress, not only did you see the resolution, Matt, that you referenced, but then you see the editorial that Sarah Palin wrote, which is a much more coherent argument of "high crimes," of a threat to the actual existence of the country and the population's welfare; and then Diane, your intervention at Brookings, which really expressed something significant amongst the institutions of the country.

We are seeing a collapse, as you made the point, of a discrediting of the United States on a global scale. And this really is the outcome of the failures of U.S. policies, going back now, except for Presidents like Roosevelt and Kennedy, and glimmers of hope from Eisenhower and from Reagan and from Clinton, but in general, really over the last century, the United States has not lived up to what it was intended to become, what Lincoln had envisioned of the United States to become. And I think what's interesting, and where you had really drawn blood in your provocation, was on the question of Germany.

And Mrs. LaRouche has been emphatic about this: This German situation is not understood in its magnitude and its gravity, for the change in the world political and economic situation. Germany is a major country, not only in economic considerations, its manufacturing and high tech, it clearly is the center of the European Union economic system. But Germany is also the cultural basis, the cultural foundation for the American Revolution: It is the home of Cusa, it is the home of Leibniz and Kepler. It is the cultural tradition of Beethoven and of Schiller, and of Einstein and of Planck. So the fertility of culture and of optimism that exists within Germany is something that can't be overlooked.

And the problem is, and this is something that makes Lyn so unique, because Lyn has really understood that we are at a paradigm shift, at this point, which really takes us back over 100 years, to where it was the removal of a single individual that launched this century of warfare. It was the removal of Bismarck, in 1890, where there was a relationship of the American System by Lincoln, with Germany, with Russia, with Japan; it dominated in 1876, in the Centennial Fair with South America, with the Brazil President coming to Philadelphia and recognizing the industry, the steam engine. And so, you're now seeing, that when Bismarck's removal occurred, that relationship of the American System, led by the United States, led by Lincoln and his followers, and his collaborators, that was broken.

And since then, it's been an ongoing provocation to push German and Russia into conflict. It's the same thing happening today in Ukraine. That's why we're spying on Germany. We've got not just two spies, maybe a dozen! Who knows how many spies, we've got, double agents inside German ministries? And the break from Germany today, from this imperial grasp, and for the United States to now break with Obama and go back to this American System, really reorients the world into what it should have been over the course of the last century. And as Mrs. LaRouche put it, really break from the infancy of mankind and go towards the full development of the human species.

And I think that German question is significant, and it should give the American population, its institutions and its people even more sense of confidence and urgency of dumping Obama and orienting in this direction. I mean it's very obvious.

So this Thursday call will really highlight that, and people should participate as a top priority, and not just participate, organize your friends, your family: This is the development, these next three weeks, this is the break.

BILL ROBERTS: I'll just add to that, if you think about the response of the rest of the world to the attempt to enforce the vulture funds' call for Argentina to commit suicide and the response now, as Michael mentioned to the developments in Germany around the spying on Germany's discussions on what to do about our spying, the rest of the world is really looking for nothing other than a recommitment by the United States to our own Constitutional commitment! It is important to remember that this idea that is now being expressed by those who are coming to the defense of Argentina, that an economy must first grow, as the basis for repaying debts, as this has been expressed by President Fernández de Kirchner, this was the idea of Alexander Hamilton! This is a real big part of the breakthrough of the American Revolution, that if you're going to be a nation, the sovereignty of the nation is based on the commitment to the development of the population first, and not a monetary system.

And I think what should be very clear, which puts the question of impeachment right in the forefront, is that a government that had a modicum of a commitment to our own Constitutional legacy, would respond to this obvious dynamic of the world which requires the shutdown of this imperial system. And the fact that we don't have that response from the government, is the reflection of the fact that Obama, like Bush and Cheney, is a puppet for the British imperial system, which has no commitment to the nation. And that is the crux of the danger we're seeing right now, which gives the British Monarchy and their agents throughout the world, the ability to push world war, which we're seeing in Gaza, the deployments of Netanyahu in Israel and so forth, which is pushing the trigger for a new world war.

Obama must be impeached: Everyone in our networks needs to take a fresh approach. Not just think of this week as being another week in which you try to get your congressman to do something about impeachment. But a new dynamic exists in the world, because of what has occurred in response to these developments, and we have to take advantage of the window of time that we have to start the impeachment process now.

CHRISTIE: Just to follow up on that, because I think, Bill in terms of creating this juggernaut this week, and getting everybody as active as you can possibly be, in terms of people getting on our activists call, people who are watching this show should be getting their networks activated, but one of the big things around the impeachment is, and I think it's important what happened in the Boehner press conference is, an impeachment will occur when the attempt to keep the impeachment in the background when that fails. Because that's what they wanted to do all along, and say, "oh, well, impeachment this is just for crazy people, you know, the weirdo fringe, they're the ones that bring this up." And what you don't want, is what happened in this press conference with John Boehner, where all of a sudden, he's getting on the defensive about impeachment.

So I think, just to be able to create, have an idea that everybody, we're creating an overall atmosphere where impeachment becomes the inevitable discussion, or the inevitability of it becomes that discussion, where you create a psychological condition where that's what the dialogue is.

But, yeah, just I think that importance of getting everything, all forces mobilized to create that dynamic around impeachment across the country.

SARE: There are two points I want to make on that. One is, we should particularly target Democrats. The key in Watergate, was when Nixon's own party broke, with Howard Baker infamously asking, what did he know and when did he know it? And as he recently passed away, I think his spirit is probably hovering over the Capitol dome, ready to infuse some courageous Democrat. And I think, as Palin has now elevated her charges to an appropriate level, if you're talking about assassinating U.S. citizens with drones, bombing Libya for 250 days without going before the Congress; I mean these constitute really high crimes, and one would be hard pressed to defend such policies. And that's what's needed, is that this has to be of a sufficient level, that no one wants to be in a position of defending the crimes, because they are so hideous. And frankly, anyone who sees what's unfolding now in Iraq or Syria, or Gaza, the Israeli bombing a rehabilitation center. And this was not an accident: They leafletted it, telling the people they were going to bomb it. These are atrocities that tear your heart out.

And that's why the United States has to rise above it, and embody its true identity, and that can be put before anyone. This has nothing to do with party. But the Democrats are going to be key.

The other thing I wanted to raise is something LaRouche brought up yesterday, which I think is very important, because people may have heard now what just happened in Austria — Dave mentioned earlier, the bail-in. Well, government employees just had EU900 million stolen from their insurance policies as part of the bail-in. And the system now is bloated beyond recognition: The banks are 30% larger than they were in 2008! So, people could risk really losing everything, or at least they're money.

We have a different plan, which is not — the money becomes less relevant, but so, LaRouche said, look, what Glass-Steagall means, and the Four Laws, is that we will put this system through an orderly process. We don't want to go in and firebomb Wall Street. It needs to be laid to rest. But we have to do it in such a way as to protect those things which people's lives depend on, not willy-nilly, not random, that's not what we're talking about. And I think that's also the necessity of taking a preemptive action, and not waiting until the thing just implodes of its own weight and no one can tell where anything is going. But to actually do this in such a way that we create the conditions for the recovery.

OGDEN: Right. And these are, as Mr. LaRouche specified, these are calculated measures, to foreclose on Wall Street, and they're going to be under control, because you have the principle of Hamilton to rely on. You have the principle of the United States Constitution to rely on, and that trumps everything. And I think that's the case with impeachment, too. As you said: Give me a Democrat who's going to defend violations of the Constitution of the level that Obama has committed, announcing that he's going to completely ignore Congress; violating the War Powers Resolution; killing American citizens.

I thought it was funny actually, that Sarah Palin, in her op-ed that was published this weekend, said, look, he can laugh in the face of lawsuits. But let him laugh in the face of impeachment. Well, in fact, he already has: In Austin, Texas, last Thursday, he said, oh, they're talking about impeachment, well, "let it rip." And as we said on Friday, that's one thing we can agree with Obama on, it's time to "let it rip" on impeachment.

SARE: I think Don Giovanni tried that once. It didn't work out so well!

OGDEN: Right! [laughter] The "Commendatore principle."

SARE: Yeah!

CHRISTIE: Just to add, on the question of Glass-Steagall as the first step, as Diane was saying, the foreclosure on Wall Street has to be done in a coordinated manner. And in terms of what is represented, because as Mr. LaRouche has emphasized, these four points can't be taken, just one, or a couple. It has to be the full program. And I think this is very important in terms of this BRICS discussion around the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank that China has initiated, where these could actually be real credit systems, and the intention, at least right now, is this is the direction things are moving at.

And I think what Lyn has identified with the Hamilton principle, and really, developed it to an even further extent, and I think if people have read the Four Laws concerning recovery, LaRouche made a very clear emphasis on Vernadsky. And I think it's notable, Vernadsky was looking at the whole question of the interaction of the nuclear processes at the atomic level, and the interaction that the biosphere has at the atomic level, with the formation of the biosphere actually plays into this. This has this sort of relationship. And obviously with Vernadsky, he was really the father of the Russian nuclear program, and I found it very interesting to find out that his parents were economists, and had a sense that if man could master this, and really master nuclear processes, what power that would give us in the economy.

And I think the importance, then, of fusion as a driver, that this has to be the foundation of bringing nations together around this credit system, but the Hamiltonian principle, which is the concept that your credit system has to be based on progress; that what you're going to do in the future, is better than what you're doing now. And obviously fusion is going to be the next platform for human development.

And I think that's very important concerning this discussion around national banking and what is the potential around the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the question of the BRICS developing a new concept of banking, has to be from that standpoint. In other words, no more Green policy.

And I think this goes back to the Germany question. You know the first NATO General Secretary Lord Ismay, he has this formulation of "keeping the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down," and one of the biggest attacks on Germany was actually the Green policy, that's perhaps even more rapid in Germany than it is here. You look at the destruction of their nuclear capabilities: They're basically on the road to getting rid of nuclear energy in Germany altogether.

So a new credit system, as Lyn has identified with this four point program, has to be based on pushing the frontiers, and the identification of fusion as the new science-driver program means that this Green agenda, the British imperial agenda of no growth, will just be properly thrown out the window for the future of humanity.

OGDEN: I'm glad you brought up Vernadsky. An associate of ours, Mr. Bill Jones has done a lot of work translating, originally, some of the works of Vernadsky that have not been available to English speakers. He did his own translation of a part of "Scientific Thought Considered as a Planetary Force." And in this translation, Vernadsky is very specific about the fact that there's an unlimited potential, when it comes to the human population. He does calculations which he lays out that says, if we — this was even before fusion; this was at the time where we were just moving into fission, the atomic power of fire. And he says, mankind has always been defined by his use of fire. Mankind going all the way back to the pre-hominid, pre-glacial developments of man, it was fire as man's first use capability of exerting power over a force of nature, which allowed man to achieve even the initial increases in his population. He says agriculture was the beginnings of the noëtic transformation of the biosphere into the noösphere, and then, if we look at the potential now, with the emergence of the atomic forms of fire, Vernadsky says, the rate of increase of the human population is almost unlimited. And he cites calculations, which actually put the power of the Earth to support a human population at over 1 trillion people, if not more.

Now, this might be mind-boggling. But the thing is, that Vernadsky represents versus Bertrand Russell, versus Oparin, represents a Promethean view of the human race, as opposed to a Zeusian or as Mr. LaRouche has said, a Satanic view of what mankind should be bestialized to be.

And as Bill Jones has done some original work, I would reference people to an article that was published in 21st Century Science & Technology magazine, called "The Greening of Vernadsky." This accompanies a good article called "Vernadsky Versus Oparin," where you can see that the British Empire, in the 20th century, starting with this turning point in 1900, with the mathematization of science, has tried to even take Vernadsky and pervert his arguments into something which would support their theory of zero population growth. Which in fact, is absolutely the opposite!

So I think it's very important, when you look at this emerging new system, as Mr. LaRouche emphasized in his speech to the conference that was held in Moscow, of the Pobisk Kuznetsov Vernadsky anniversary, the ideas of Vernadsky and the human principle which he uniquely defined, must now become the basis for this emerging new system among nations on the planet.

ROGERS: Let me also reiterate, by saying that, I think we can take from the closing of the LPAC leaflet which I will stress again, that people should print out this leaflet; at the end of it, there's quote from Schiller's Wilhelm Tell that "there is a limit to the tyrant's power!" And I think that that is absolutely fitting, because, also that is what I believe that President Franklin Roosevelt understood in his Four Freedoms speech to the Congress. And people should go back and look at President Franklin Roosevelt was saying in his Four Freedoms speech. And also just really have a sense, right now, that impeachment is absolutely at our fingertips. We can make it happen. We have to push Congress now, this week!

So I want to reiterate to people, that people should go print that leaflet out, not only take it to your Congress member, get it to your friends and family, have them take it to the Congress members. Hold rallies, get on the conference call, and do everything in your power that you can, to carry out your constitutional responsibility as a citizen of this republic, being reminded of what Benjamin Franklin said, "I give you a Republic, if you can keep it." And it's our obligation right now, that we have fight, now so more than ever, to keep this Republic. So that material is available, and we should have again, the conference call availability when people call into the office and join us on that.

OGDEN: Right. Let me take that opportunity to display the national toll free number again on the screen here. This is for the national headquarters of LaRouche PAC, and we encourage everybody who's watching, but also get your entire network to call in immediately; get your marching orders for the period between now and Thursday, and then make sure you have a lot to report, as you get on the national activists' call on Thursday evening.

So unless there's any concluding remarks, I think that's a good point to end our discussion. Thank you very much for tuning in, and stay tuned to larouchepac.com.