Saakashvili Tirade Threatens Putin With "The Fate of Qaddafi"
July 20, 2014 • 3:56PM

Mikheil Saakashvili, the former President of Georgia and project-leader of George Soros's 2003 Rose Revolution in that country, yesterday posted a vile tirade against Russian President Vladimir Putin and any European leaders who might want to negotiate and work with him. The piece of war-party psychosis on Saakashvili's Facebook page was titled "Putin Has Followed in the Footsteps of Qaddafi." Saakashvili drew an analogy between the 1988 downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, for which a Libyan was convicted, and the July 17 crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over the Donbass in Ukraine. Saakashvili wrote: "Two years ago Europeans, after long years of flirting with the idea, had to fight Qaddafi, whose secret services had downed a passenger plane carrying 300 people over Scotland." Then he denounced Europe for failing to impose sanctions against whole sectors of Russian industry, over Ukraine. He accused Putin, personally, of responsibility for the MH17 crash: "Here we have a Russian missile from an anti-aircraft system, given, beyond any doubt, to the terrorists [eastern Ukraine militias] on orders from Putin, which has actually hit a plane with hundreds of Europeans on board." After further invective, Saakashvili concluded: "Of course the main culprit of all this mayhem is sitting in the Kremlin, but without his abettors in Berlin, Brussels, Rome, Paris, etc., this Kremlin vampire would hardly dare to go out on his daily hunt for blood."

The Saakashvili post did not go unnoticed in Russia. Yuri Krupnov, head of the Institute for Demography, Migration, and Regional Development, in a July 18 commentary tied it to the recent ravings of former Ukrainian Defense Minister (2005-2007 under Orange Revolution President Victor Yushchenko) Anatoli Hrytsenko on Kiev's Shuster Live show, about how if Putin came to Kiev for any negotiations, some patriot would be found to shoot him and that would be the right thing to do.