Swiss Economist: BRICS Are {Casus Belli} for World War III
July 23, 2014 • 9:41PM

Commenting today on the BRICS summit decision, Swiss economist Alfonso Tuor wrote that this is considered a casus belli from the U.S.A. and warned against the threat of world war.

"As I wrote already on July 9, those steps mark the beginning of the war against the role of the dollar and are considered by the United States as a hostile act, a casus belli,"

Tuor wrote on his blog in

"Practically, the political conditions that a hundred years ago led to World War I are being re-created. Then, the conflict was provoked by the superpower at that time, England, who feared the momentous rise of Wilhelmine Germany; today it is the U.S.A. to fear the rise of China and to try to push the world towards an updated version of [the] Cold War. The Ukrainian events go in this direction, as well as the tensions on territorial waters in the China Sea and especially Japan's decision (backed by Washington) to change the constitution and start a rearmament program. We can hope that those steps are not the beginning of a series of actions and reactions similar to those that, in 1914, led to a thirty-year war that has produced the geostrategic decline of Europe."