Former German Diplomat Says Putin Has Enraged Wall Street and their Russian Oligarchs
July 23, 2014 • 9:45PM

A senior former German diplomat told two LaRouche representatives in a meeting yesterday that the main reason behind the ongoing and escalating campaign against Putin is the fact that he moved against the very special relationship between the Russian oligarchs and Wall Street banks which had developed during the Yeltsin years.

This power struggle is so fierce that a senior Russian diplomat told this German source that there is a serious threat to the life of Putin. The source said the present situation is highly dangerous, and indeed, comparable to the pre-1914 sleepwalkers sliding into a big war without being aware of what it would turn into. He agreed with LaRouche's assessment on that same point today: we are faced with an acute threat of thermonuclear war.

LaRouche elaborated today that this threat remains highly active—unless the British Empire is collapsed by proclaiming the fraud and worthlessness of its financial claims. The source does have some optimism, though, because of the general mood in Germany, including the fact that 93% want dialogue with Russia, and only 19% remain loyal to NATO and want to 'show the flag' militarily against Putin; and 69% can imagine a non-NATO future of Germany. This percentage has continually increased during the past few weeks. The government has to pay attention to this mood, and although on the Ukraine issue opposition to the U.S. confrontationists is not easy for Berlin, they have a tool in hand to contain the Americans with the NSA scandal, the source said.