Lead — LaRouche Reiterates: Congress Must Remain in Session Until Obama is Impeached and Glass-Steagall is Restored
July 24, 2014 • 6:41PM

Lyndon LaRouche today reiterated his July 19 warning that Congress must not leave Washington for recess until the urgent business of the nation has been accomplished. So long as President Barack Obama remains in office, the world is on the very edge of thermonuclear war extinction and/or a total disintegration of the present global financial system built on a $1.7 quadrillion derivatives bubble that can never and will never be paid.

Some on Capitol Hill are finally getting the message, as indicated by the fact that the Republican leadership has begrudgingly agreed to a modified version of the McGovern-Jones-Lee HCR 105 forbidding Obama from sending combat forces to Iraq without Congressional approval. After over 100 Members of Congress from both parties signed on to the Barbara Lee-Walter Jones letter to President Obama warning him not to engage US combat forces in Iraq without Congressional approval, the Republican leadership, facing warnings that they would be billed, along with Obama as the War Party, relented to the pressure. There will be a debate and vote on the revised HCR 105 on the House floor on Friday, July 25.

The Obama impeachment issue is also front and center, with Huffington Post having published a warning by Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) that the Boehner law suit against Obama is a diversion from Congress doing its Constitutionally-mandated duty by putting forward articles of impeachment against the President.

What is happening now would have never taken place without Lyndon LaRouche’s persistent demands, dating back to April 2009, that Obama be constitutionally removed from office for his high crimes and misdemeanors. We know there is a growing backlash against Obama’s persistent attacks against Russia and his personal vitriol against Russian President Vladimir Putin. A former NATO commander briefed Congress earlier this week on the colossal folly of the US provoking war against the Russians. A former top Swiss military officer similarly warned EIR representatives that Russia and China will avoid the Obama provocations while preparing, systematically, for a war with the United States at some point in the next two years.

Just as LaRouche has been the author of the demands for restoring the Constitution by ousting Obama from office, he has also spelled out the critical steps that must be taken now to avert the financial and physical economic collapse. The United States Congress must immediately reinstate Glass Steagall and implement the other three cardinal rules for an economic revival spelled out by LaRouche: restore a national bank/Hamiltonian credit system, issue trillions of dollars in credit through a restored commercial banking system, and launch an international Manhattan Project to achieve thermonuclear fusion in the decade.

Such measures, following the removal of President Obama, will perfectly align the United States with the BRICS nations who have launched the seeds of a just, new world economic order to replace the hopelessly bankrupt and genocidal British Empire system of the IMF and World Bank. As LaRouche made perfectly clear in discussions with colleagues on Wednesday, the debt bubble can never be paid and shall never be paid. What the world needs is a debt cancellation of the quadrillions of dollars in derivatives and other illegal debts. The case of Argentina is paradigmatic, with the Presidential chief of staff on Thursday vowing that the nation will never capitulate to the vultures.

The alternatives to taking these urgent measures are being spelled out daily on-the-ground in Gaza and in eastern Ukraine, where an outright population genocide is being carried out with the full duplicity of Obama and other Western leaders. The United Nations human rights commissioner has said that Israel is committing Nazi-like war crimes against the civilian population of Gaza, with the latest atrocities by the Israeli Defense Forces taking the form of targeting of United Nations relief workers and refugee centers. Three UN workers have been killed in the past several days of targeted bombings. And just as LaRouche has warned, the chickens are coming home to roost in Ukraine, where the government collapsed on Thursday when several parties pulled out of the coalition, after fist fights erupted on the floor of the parliament after EU-demanded austerity measures were pushed and after the government announced a draft call-up targeting all able bodied men—under the age of 60!

Today is the debate and vote in the House on HCR 105. Congress, as of now, is scheduled to return to Washington next week for three days before recessing for the month of August. In this window of time, we must get the breakthrough that LaRouche called for last Saturday. No recess before Obama is impeached and Glass Steagall is restored. Any Member of Congress in their right mind will see that this is the only right thing to do. It is our job to deliver that message with such force and clarity that they cannot hide from their responsibilities.