Lavrov says West's Ukraine Project is Doomed to Fail, as Obama Ramps up Attacks
July 29, 2014 • 10:57AM

West's Ukraine Project Is Doomed To Failure, Say Russia's Lavrov

Responding to the ongoing provocation by Obama, Cameron and other Western leaders against Russia, by propping up a fascist Ukraine along the Russian borders, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told correspondents yesterday that the West's geopolitical project for Ukraine stands no chance of success.

Futile Demonization of Putins Reveals Intention for War

Not for quite a long time has there been a demonization campaign quite like the one against Russian President Vladimir Putin today.

Cartoonists and newspaper editors are working overtime to come up with images of how horrible he is. They have either used juxtaposed images of the MH17 crash, or simply used pictures of Putin looking unremorseful, and sometimes utilizing images of Mushroom clouds, with 'tough' headlines.

Obama White House Contemplating Giving Kiev Regime Intelligence Targeting Information

The New York Times reported on Saturday July 26, that the Obama administration is debating whether or not to provide intelligence information that would enable the Kiev regime's forces to better target rebel forces, including, in particular, surface-to-air missile systems that Russia has allegedly provided to the rebels.

Russian Intelligence Service Heads on EU Sanctions List

Barack Obama held a video conference with the heads of government in Germany, France, Britain, and Italy yesterday, to finalize and "coordinate" sanctions policy. In a post-conference briefing, Deputy National Security adviser Tony Blinken presented the lying premise: "Russia bears responsibility for everything that's going on in Eastern Ukraine."