Corrupt Leaders Collude Against Impeachment, As Obama's Sanctions Hit Western Europe, Not Russia
July 30, 2014 • 7:47PM

About twenty LaRouchePAC activists converged on Congress from East Coast cities on Wednesday, July 30th, including half a dozen veterans in uniform, to demand that Congress must not adjourn to go home, until it has impeached Barack Obama and re-enacted Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall law as the first step in Lyndon LaRouche's Four Laws for a USA and world economic recovery.

The strength of the movement for impeachment in and beyond the political base of both major parties, reflected itself in Wednesday's House floor debate, ostensibly about (Republican) House Speaker John Boehner's farcical resolution calling on the House of Representatives to sue Obama in court for violating his oath of office, rather than impeaching the President, which is the remedy the Constitution prescribes for Obama's "high crimes and misdemeanors" in office.

On Wednesday morning, "The Hill" newspaper ran a short interview with Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), who they noted wants to impeach Obama, not to sue him, so that Jones will vote against Boehner's bill that would authorize the lawsuit against the President, which Jones said is "theater, is a show."

"Why not impeach instead of wasting $1 million to $2 million of the taxpayer's money?" Jones asked. "If you're serious about this, use what the founders of the Constitution gave us." When he was asked about the [alleged] lack of support for impeachment in the House Republican Conference, Jones emphasized: "That's why the Republican Party is in trouble."

Indeed, the so-called debate on Boehner's resolution turned out to be a carefully-scripted performance by the corrupt leadership of both major parties, intended to squash the motion in both parties to impeach Obama. A high point was when (Democratic) Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi demanded that Speaker Boehner do what she did when she was Speaker, and "take impeachment off the table," by swearing to protect tyrant Obama, just as she swore back then to protect Dick Cheney, no matter the cost in lives. But Boehner had known the question was coming, so he was nowhere to be seen!

Boehner only allowed four Republicans to speak in the so-called debate; apparently there were only four Republicans who could be trusted to maintain the charade and block the honest demand for impeachment. The chosen ones on "both sides" each played their part just like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

At the same time, the so-called sanctions against Russia forced through Europe by Obama, on behalf of his mistress Queen Elizabeth II, are not hurting Russia at all, but they are tearing the guts out of the Western European economies. They will ultimately lead to 300,000 more jobs lost in Germany and 100,000 in France, with tens of thousands in other countries. Rather than being against Russia as advertised, they are designed to punish Western Europe, to break it from Russia. We are now much closer to war and to total economic blowout of the trans-Atlantic system, than we were before these sanctions were announced,— with still more and worse sanctions on the way, unless world war, or Obama's ouster supervenes.

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) nations which met two weeks ago in Brazil with all the leaders of Ibero-America, are continuing their march towards a brilliant economic renaissance of the Eurasian and trans-Pacific world. Most striking today, are still more deals for nuclear power, and contacts on nuclear research. The United States must respond to the BRICS' invitation to join this movement and bring our unique Constitutional tradition to its leadership. That is our fight today in Washington for Obama's impeachment and for Lyndon LaRouche's Four Laws.