Thousands March in Pittsburgh Against Obama/EPA Assault on Coal and the Economy
August 1, 2014 • 9:46AM

On Thursday, July 31st, in Pittsburgh, some 7,000 people turned out for a mass rally and march on the Federal building, to show opposition to Obama's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on day one of the two-day hearings in the city, staged by the EPA as a public comment pretense for its newly announced anti-coal rule against so-called greenhouse gas emissions.

Thousands march in Pittsburgh against EPA ruling.

A month ago, the United Mineworkers of America (UMWA) called for a national protest rally against the EPA's rule. On Thursday people came in on 70 buses from coal states — Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and elsewhere, and were joined by members of the IBEW (electrical workers), boilermakers, and other trades, as well as residents from all over coal country. The rally was addressed by UMWA international president Cecil E. Roberts, IBEW internatonal president Edwin Hill, and others.

LaRouchePAC organizers were on the scene, with huge placards, to impeach Obama (shown with the mustache), for nuclear power and fusion; and for LaRouche's "Four Laws." The LPAC fliers flew out of their hands as the marchers grabbed them up on their parade route around the EPA Federal building venue. The leaflet was, "Unleashing the Productive Powers of Mankind—Dump Obama and Bring the United States Into a New World System." (July 29). When not marching, the protestors gathered around the LPAC march-route site to find out more, and sign up. No one—not a one—in the entire mass crowd expressed support for Obama.

LaRouchePAC on the scene providing a way out of Obama's EPA genocide.

The day's events mark a dramatic, clear line of resistance against Obama's deliberate destruction of the economy. LaRouchePAC organizers said that at one point, it was like "the Civil War without the shooting," when thousands in the labor march came upon a counter-demonstration of 300 "Climate Action Now" Obama-supporters. "It was a clash of outlooks, like a clash of galaxies," between the two groups.

The Climate Action Group is a gaggle among the various green groupies deployed to support Obama's 2013 "Climate Change Plan," for which the new June EPA "Clean Power Plan" is a recent action. Obama's green initiatives are simply the implementation of the London global warming blueprint for depopulation—by economic death, if not war.

LPAC activist Robert Baker gave testimony exposing this, in his remarks to the Pittsburgh EPA hearing Thursday morning. He called for Obama's impeachment, moving to re-instate Glass Steagall, and "getting back to work" with LaRouche's Four Laws. Baker reminded people of the history of coal country: "We had the Tennessee Valley Authority in our coal states, where the Oak Ridge center harnessed atomic power. We had Atoms for Peace, and planned for mass nuclear-powered seawater desalination for the dry West (which we need desperately now). We had the first commercial nuclear power plant in the nation, here in Western Pennsylvania at Shippingport in 1957. We went to the Moon. What happened?"

In the face of the EPA insanity, anti-Obama/anti-EPA bi-partisanship is manifest in many ways. The electricity-grid and means of existence for millions are immediately and evidently at stake. On Wednesday, a pre-EPA hearing rally was held in downtown Pittsburgh, drawing some 2,000 people, hosted by the Pennsylvania Coal Association, which was addressed by Republican Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Corbett, and Democratic Governor of West Virginia James Earl Tomblin.

In Congress, in response to the Obama green assault, a "Coal Caucus" was formed in 2010, which now comprises more than 65 members from both parties, including lawmakers from non-mining states, such as Collin Peterson (D-Minnesota), dependent on coal for a large share of their electricity.