New Washington Times Ad Warns of "Road Map to World War III"
August 1, 2014 • 10:45AM

In the fourth of a series of wrap-around ads in the Washington Times, the American University in Moscow again makes a pungent argument against the anti-Putin/anti-Russia brainwashing in Washington, D.C.

First, "Why Would Putin Shoot Down a Plane," by Prof. Stephen Cohen. Then, an attack on "How Critics of Western MH17 Coverage Are Bullied Into Silence," which comes from an article in RIA Novosti and mentioned critics Ron Paul, Stephen Cohen, Robert Parry, and Daniel McAdams.

Most dramatic is the back page, which is entitled "Road Map to WWIII: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine. Blame It all on Putin." It's about attempted regime change, not Ukraine, they say. "It is no longer the struggle for Ukraine, but a battle for Russia. If Vladimir Putin manages to keep the Russian people on his side, he will win it. If not, another geopolitical catastrophe might follow."

Warning delivered.