LaRouche: China Has Set The Standard For Mankind!
August 2, 2014 • 8:50PM
"Look at what China is doing on the Moon, that's your standard. The China program is the program that's going to define, the future of mankind. Because what China is doing will be the challenge, for the entire planet. That's the absolute challenge. And if you're not up to the China standard, you ain't nothing'! What China's doing is going to settle the future of mankind... China has set the standard for mankind! So we must be on that standard." — Lyndon LaRouche · August 2, 2014

In discussions Saturday morning, Lyndon LaRouche stressed that the Chinese science-driver program to obtain thermonuclear fusion power based on the use of helium-3 deposits on the moon is the scientific standard for mankind. With this program the Chinese have set a marker.

Depiction of China's lunar rover Yutu, or Jade Rabbit, exploring the surface of the Moon. Image credit: CNSA

While the trans-Atlantic region has committed itself to an insane, anti-scientific, earth-based Lilliputian green policy characterized by reduced energy-flux densities, the Chinese have defined the mission of their entire scientific program from the standpoint of space science. Since helium-3 is abundantly available on the moon, but not on the earth, and is much more powerful than other sources of fuel for fusion power found on the earth, the Chinese science program is actually on the frontier of the solar system.

Referencing the work of Johannes Kepler, LaRouche stated that we will tune everything to the Chinese lunar program. Our science program will match what China is doing. We will measure ourselves by their program. If you are not measuring up to what China is doing, you are not serious. LaRouche stressed that the world has to come up to the standard of the solar system.

In this context, he contrasted what the Chinese are doing with how diminished the mental vision of the Japanese has become. LaRouche said the Japanese are being childish in comparison.

True creativity, which is the only natural condition of mankind, is to make something happen which has never happened before. This is precisely what the Chinese are committed to doing. Their entire scientific program is defined by what is necessary to achieve the mission of using lunar helium-3 to harness the power of the solar system at rates of energy flux density never experienced before by human technology.

LaRouche stressed that we should never go below this science driver standard. Don't let anyone get dragged down below that level. Don't be practical! Are we going to get to thermonuclear fusion based on lunar helium-3? That is our standard. What China is doing in this respect is going to settle the future of mankind.

Our efforts will resonate with China's program. Only in this way will mankind go beyond what was discovered before.