British General Wasn't Just in Washington To Talk to the Press
August 6, 2014 • 10:13AM

NATO Deputy Commander Gen. Sir Adrian Bradshaw wasn't in Washington, last Friday, just to talk to the press (he gave interviews to the AP and the Wall Street Journal and perhaps other press outlets). It turns out that he had been in the US for at least a week, including a visit to Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Va., and a few days at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC, where he engaged in discussions where there "was widespread agreement that the security paradigm in Europe has changed due to Russia's recent actions and tactics in Ukraine," according to a NATO release. A few weeks ago, it will be recalled, the Atlantic Council hosted a conference, addressed by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and other officials, that consisted mainly of anti-Russian diatribes.

"NATO has responded to the Ukraine crisis with a series of immediate assurance measures in the short term, but more work remains," said Bradshaw. He indicated that as the NATO Summit approaches in September, political leaders will consider ways to enhance the capabilities and responsiveness of NATO forces to meet the new situation in Eastern Europe (that is, the alleged Russian "threat") while remaining responsive to other threats. "We already have the equipment and the manpower to deal with this new situation. The key is to train them and prepare them to be more responsive."

Bradshaw's visit to Washington, last week, came just ahead of British Prime Minister David Cameron's visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels, where he jacked up the pressure to get NATO to be much more confrontational towards Russia.