ARTICLE: Helium-3: Stealing the Sun's Fire
August 5, 2014 • 4:11PM

The recent article by Natalie Lovegren of the LaRouchePac Science team titled "Helium-3 Stealing the Sun's Fire," follows thread of discovery and unlocking of the latent potential of helium-3, the stuff of the Sun, here on Earth. It is the concluding article of the 21st Century Science & Technology special report on Physical Chemistry: The Continuing Gifts of Prometheus, and begins as follows:



The evolution of the science of chemistry has enabled us to achieve control over energy and matter by finer and finer degrees of precision and with greater density of power. Each discovery has afforded us new dimensions of knowledge which allow us to extend our curious reach out into the bigness of space, and down into the vast minuteness of matter with greater and greater power on a smaller and smaller scale. The degree to which we can advance such a power over nature, and utilize these myriad "gifts of Prometheus" defines our existence as a species.

Here we unravel the case of one singular substance, and investigate the change of its identity, and of its economic value throughout the advancement of physical chemistry.

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