'28Pages.org' Website Launched
August 8, 2014 • 10:20AM

A new website was launched in July, which describes itself as "A new resource for the growing movement to declassify a 28-page finding about foreign government involvement in 9/11."

The website states the case for the release of the classified 28 pages of the 9/11 Joint Inquiry Report: "President George W. Bush censored 28 pages of this report—an entire section said to describe the involvement of specific foreign governments in the attacks. After reading it, Congressman Thomas Massie described the experience as “disturbing” and said, “I had to stop every two or three pages and rearrange my perception of history…it’s that fundamental.”

In the interest of achieving justice for victims and preventing future attacks, knowledge of foreign government involvement in 9/11 must be shared with the American people…and with the world.

28Pages.org was launched in July 2014 to help build awareness of this classified material and to bolster the growing, bipartisan movement to pressure Congress and the President to finally disclose it. "

The website provides background material, with links to the original Congressional Joint Inquiry report, the Jones-Lynch-Massie press conference on March 11, the video of Representative Jones and Representative Massie on "Washington Watch," and a selected group of articles about the 28 pages. It is focused on putting pressure on Congress around H.R. 428, and is calling for a day of action on the 28th of each month around the 28 pages.

The site calls for the mobilization of the American people to exert pressure on members of Congress to join the growing list of cosponsors to HRes 428: "28Pages.org will be asking every U.S. Representative and Senator: 1. Have you read the 28 classified pages? 2. Will you co-sponsor/sponsor legislation to declassify the 28 pages?" The website will post their responses.

This coincides with growing momentum and coverage of the 28 pages fight, which was accelerated by the viral Massie video and the coverage on Glenn Beck's "The Blaze," which has been re-posted many times.

See also, "Campaign Mounts To Declassify 9/11 Report's References to Alleged Saudi Involvement," from Vice News.