Adjust To China's Helium-3 Standard: You Have No Choice
August 11, 2014 • 6:09AM

The time has come for mankind to reach agreement on a new standard of economy, to totally change the rules of the game. Under the present rules, we are headed for extermination warfare. So we had better change the standard, now.

China has adopted that standard, with its lunar program aimed at mining helium-3, a program which consciously is to benefit all mankind. Now the world must join in that standard--or face extinction. We have no choice.

“Helium-3 is the greatest power that we on Earth command,” said Lyndon LaRouche on Aug. 10. “China, and its allies India and Russia, are working on realizing the development of that power by mining the Moon, and the only hope for those who want to bring the world out of crisis, is to work with them.”

China's role in pulling together the nations of the earth around its development perspective, implicitly based on its helium-3 science-driver program, came to the fore again this last weekend at the ASEAN Regional Forum held in Myanmar. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the meeting of the 10 ASEAN nations, plus Russia, the EU, Australia, India, and the United States, and pushed forward a strategic partnership with ASEAN.

At the conclusion of the discussions, both bilateral and between China and ASEAN, agreements for forging ahead on a development path were reached among nations once again representing half of humanity. Included in those partnerships is China's offer to all the ASEAN nations to become founding members in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (Thailand has already accepted), proposals for cooperation around the “21st Maritime Silk Road” proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Chinese participation in development projects in the region, including the Mekong Delta. The Indian and Chinese Foreign Ministers also met to discuss further economic cooperation.

“What China, India, and Russia are doing is typical of real achievement, “ LaRouche said. “They are ready to take charge.”

Not surprisingly, in this context, the U.S. agenda--of getting ASEAN to condemn “provocative acts” in the South China Sea, a not-so-veiled attack on China--was rejected.

In contrast to this, the imperial warmongers running policy in the trans-Atlantic region--most specifically the British and Barack Obama--are nothing but bluffers, LaRouche emphasized. They are expending their effort in the attempt to crush Russia and China, threatening and even wielding their military might to carry out genocide in areas such as Southeast Ukraine--in hopes of provoking Russia into conflict. Their actions are brutal and shameless, to the point of the British Defense Minister denying the reality of the humanitarian crisis in cities which the Ukrainian government has cut off from water and electricity for more than a week, and which the Red Cross and UN have certified as a “catastrophe.”

The reality, however, is that Obama and the British empire are bluffing, said LaRouche. They have nothing behind them, and are just hoping they can bluff their way through. It's like the vulture funds who are still trying to steal from Argentina--they have nothing coming to them. They are a bunch of losers.

All Obama and other British vassals can do is to hope to intimidate the population into capitulating to their fakery. If we mobilize people not to capitulate, they can't win in their World War III/genocide drive. If we don't succeed, it's extinction.

Once you take the power of helium-3 into account, and the way China and its allies are wielding it, you can effectively deal with these fakers, LaRouche said. People have to get a sense of this power--and mobilize their will to put it into effect. Helium-3 is the orientation which solves mankind's problems.

“Go to helium-3, or drop dead,” LaRouche concluded.