LaRouche: The World has Suddenly Changed for Mankind
August 13, 2014 • 8:43AM

In a startling and challenging address to associates on August 12, Lyndon LaRouche said that this is a very, very exciting period, and also an ironical period. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

Obama is there, and is officially "dead meat." What we do have is clear: we are faced with the fact that this process is headed to the collapse of the Obama Administration. It can't continue. He's one big fraud, just waiting to fall. The whole idea of economic value has changed — it's not the same any more. Once you take Helium-3 and create a Helium-3 operation, you've actually inverted the values: turning something into an asset which was not. You can get it best from the standpoint of Russia, China, and also India. We're on the edge of something which can blow out very quickly at the next stage.

The truth is that there is no value in the system. The world has suddenly changed for mankind, in that power lies in creativity. One question is how you deal with the morale problem: all that was never necessary. It's a fake. The President is a fake. The system is a fake. Take South America: what's generally believed is all a fake. It's a fake. Everything is fake about it. We are coming to a point where some pretend they have a system. On the other hand, we all know, or should know, that there is no such system any more.

China is responding to this; Russia is responding to this. It's all there. Mankind simply has to put itself in order, to recognize what the junk was and what was the truth.

I don't think you can come up with a very simple explanation of things. What you can come up with is an understanding that that was crap, we can now understand it as crap. Everything we thought was value in terms of economy was crap; it has been crap for years. And we can realize that the power lies in this one thing.

But there's this stolidity that suddenly came marching out of the process, first China, then Russia, and the spillover of this in other ways. Suddenly everything you thought you had which was important and secure, was fake. The highest value was placed on what had none. Russia, China, the BRICS nations, are actually going to lead the world. It's in process now.

Our job is to understand the insanity of our fellow creatures by making it clear. You prized these things,— you had nothing! Our understanding has to be to understand what this great bonanza is, that we're being dealt. The things that were considered most valuable, are pieces of shit. The things that are really most valuable, are actually what should be most valuable. The very idea that prices are a determining factor,— they are not. Not any more.

We have to get a real management grip on this process. We can declare that it's all crap. Prices in Europe are crap; they don't correspond to reality; they're a fraud. Most of us are going to have to suddenly turn around, and realize that what we thought was our problem, was our solution. A complete change.

Think of the whole process. The creeping up of a change. You say Russia's in trouble? Europe is in trouble. Everything in Europe is in trouble. We're at a point that Obama can drop dead, essentially, politically, because there's no value in him. He has absolutely no value.

We should not lose control of ourselves on this one. We have to understand the problem. In Helium-3, we now have a bonanza where we saw a deficit. Because the Moon is a bonanza; most people just don't recognize that. This is real; all you have to do is break it. Say: That's the end. Obama's a fraud; there's no truth to anything he says. He's a complete liar, a fraud and a hoaxster; he's worse than worthless, and you guys are still kissing his ass? Don't you think there's something wrong with your head?

We have to understand the volcanic power in the system; it's real; it gets bigger and bigger. Very soon, Obama is out of business. He's gone. No way Obama can stay. But it's one of those tough things where you have to watch your footing, and not make a mistake. It's all waiting for us: go grab it. Everything you thought was wrong; it's all right. A simple way of saying it, but it's the truth.

We're on top of it, but we have to not lose our nerve, or be uncertain. Don't make unnecessary mistakes. Push, push push. Take South America, China, Russia, India. Then, what do you think about these other, shit organizations?

We're going to get a very rapid consolidation of interests in Eurasia and South America; it's natural. Meanwhile, in Europe, everything which was considered authority and power, is going to vanish. Our slogan is that there never is, never was, and never will be any value in Obama.

China's space program was key to starting it, but now you have a piling up of effects, coming on fast. What you have there, is intrinsically real; it's power. Now, under wartime conditions, you have this kind of thing. Russia is going to really take the lead, in its own way, in crashing what's going on in the dirty side of Europe. You're going to have to clean the mess up, and it's simple to do. It involves food, for instance; producing food.

I'm very optimistic. We can get a great break suddenly. We probably will get a break in Europe, because of the nature of the strategic situation at this time. Europe cannot sustain, cannot tolerate this deal for war. They'll say "No! No!" It's going to break; it can't be sustained. Once you get the threat of the march of tread coming from Russia, you're going to find a disintegration of the forces you're dealing with. They'll just disintegrate. Because they don't have anything.

What you're talking about is a classical military breakout. Suddenly, you get a breakout. It breaks out, and the system collapses. And that's the end of it. The shift is to changing the world on the basis of these forces. It doesn't mean it's paradise. It means we must use our minds; think what must be done now. Food for instance; grow crops, just to have food. We'll have cooperation of various parts of the world. It's tough, but this is what our mission is.

There will be a lot of confusion, a lot of problems. It'll be a tough time. But that's what we have to deal with.

We have something on our hands. We have to let it really sink in. We have it: we just have to take the leadership and move it.