Congress Gets "Feet to the Fire" on Obama
August 13, 2014 • 10:31AM

Many public town hall and private meetings are now occurring in Congressional home districts across the country, where lawmakers—and politicos of all stripes—are getting orders from constituents to impeach Obama, and to shape up on what's going on in the universe. Below are a few reports of recent hot encounters from Western state Congressional Districts—Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and California.

NEVADA—In Reno on Aug. 11, two-term Republican Mark Amodei tried to explain to a delegation of constituents, that he couldn't support impeaching Obama now. Amodei gave several excuses. The six-person delegation, in response, set the Congressmen straight. As one reported later, "He shut up, and I quickly went over demonization of Putin, Helium-3, impeachment, Ukraine atrocities...[and much more] We have to stop supporting the Ukrainian Nazis...How will a war in Iraq help if we are fighting on both sides of this war? We need to debate all of this in Congress before he is allowed to enter into military conflict, which he has already done..." Furious, but informed, Mr. Amodei received all the documentation material.

COLORADO—In Denver on Aug. 6, Sen. Mark Udall (D), who is up for re-election in November, spoke about women's rights and other "issues" at an event extolling micro-breweries and "craft" beers. An attendee button-holed him afterwards, to personally remind Udall that he is on the Senate Intelligence Committee—i.e., he knows the score—and he must act on Obama himself. Sen. Udall is rightly going after the Obama Administration on torture and spying, but Obama is now acting to provoke Russia into an all-out war. Get Obama out. Udall was informed of the whole BRICS picture.

OREGON—In Portland, on Aug. 6, Rep. Earl Blumenauer spoke at a downtown evening event, recognizing the anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. A huge sign was held up behind the podium by three activists, saying: "Cong. Blooming Coward: 'Why Won't You Impeach The War Criminal Obama?" It dominated the scene. Half the crowd grabbed up LaRouchePAC fliers on the Chinese Fusion Program, based on Helium3 from the Moon.

CALIFORNIA—Several public town hall events took place last week, where the crowd and Congressmen got the message from LaRouchePAC activists, of the danger of the Guns of August proceeding without action to oust Obama.

At recent political gatherings in Louisiana, LaRouchePAC activist Fred Huenefeld directly raised the question of ousting Obama to two former Democratic governors—Ed Rendell (Pennsylvania) and Jennifer Granholm (Michigan). Huenefeld pointed out, that, isn't it time political leaders emulate the role played by Republican Senators Barry Goldwater (Arizona) and Hugh Scott (Pennsylvania), who went to Nixon on August 7, 1974, to tell him he had little support from GOP Senators, strongly implying that Nixon should resign. Huenefeld asked the governors: "Do you have the integrity to do the same, as Democrats, with Obama?"

Rendell listened, then said only, "That's an interesting thought."

Granholm said, "Well, I can work with Joe Biden real well."

Elsewhere, impeachment is "in the ether," in headlines and conversation. Actor Ed Asner, in discussing the lack of courage among Democrats, in their failure to stand up to Obama, said, "I'm beginning to think about the possibility of President Biden." Asked if he meant in 2016, he said, "No, much sooner."

In Central Pennsylvania, The Lewistown Sentinel (on the Susquehanna River) ran a series, "The Case to Impeach President Obama," in three parts, Aug. 7-9, written by a local resident. The focus is on abuse of executive power. The newspaper has an online poll, on the question, "Do you think President Barack Obama should be impeached?" The results as of today:

    A. 58% Yes, he has blatantly disregarded the Constitution and must be removed from office.

    B. 31%. No, talk of impeachment by Republicans amounts to nothing more than a partisan stunt.

    C. 11% I think the President has overstepped his bounds, but impeachment isn't warranted.