We're In a Transition Bigger Than the Fall of the Wall
August 15, 2014 • 8:19AM

"The world has suddenly changed for mankind," Lyndon LaRouche said on August 12. The old values and alignments, ensconced in the dying transAtlantic financial system, are being abandoned, and China, Russia, India—and many other nations—are falling into line with a new system, of which the BRICS developments are emblematic. At the core of this new system is a new system of value based on the productive powers of labor, and, most specifically, a new platform of productivity with the power of a helium-3-fueled fusion economy at its core.

The change recalls the dramatic shift which occurred with the fall of the Berlin Wall almost 25 years ago—but it's much, much bigger. And, in contrast to that shift, the solutions to the world's aching problems are already being developed, as the Chinese lunar program, and the Russia-India collaboration on nuclear power, demonstrate. We have to urgently bring our fellow-citizens up to speed, by training their imagination to focus on the future, and what can be done. Educate them on helium-3, on thermonuclear fusion, on a real future for mankind.

In her presentation to organizers recently, Helga Zepp-LaRouche utilized a series of statements from astronauts who walked on the Moon, to give a sensuous idea of the mental upshift, the complete inversion of priorities, which accomplishing a great step for mankind entails. Here is a beautiful example: "You recognize that you are not there because you deserve to be there; you were just lucky. You're the representative of humanity at that point in history, having that experience, in a sense, for the rest of mankind."

The following developments reflect the pace and depth of the shift underway.

Russian President Putin spent a second day in Crimea, where he gave a speech and had a discussion with the heads of the political parties in the Duma, as well as with other government officials, including Prime Minister Medvedev. The subject of the discussion was the economy, both of Crimea and Russia as a whole. Meanwhile, Russia continues to consolidate new trade arrangements to replace the food being cut off by its sanctions to Europe, including a delegation to Turkey and new arrangements with China.

At the same time, the Indian press highlighted the ongoing far-ranging cooperation between Russia and India on nuclear power, including thermonuclear fusion and nuclear desalination. Putin is scheduled to visit India later this year.

Argentina, which is increasingly aligned with the Russia/China core of the new system, continues to defy the bankrupt vultures and Wall Street, with delightful insouciance. The latest attack came in a public TV spot, which began with "Is President Obama afraid of vultures?" And to underscore the fact that Argentina is not, the nation has raided three different offices of what could be called the "mother of all vulture funds," HSBC, for its case against HSBC as a criminal enterprise involved in tax evasion and money-laundering.

Then comes Egypt, whose President al-Sisi wrote a strong, extraordinary letter of support for Argentina's fight against the vultures, which was made public in Argentina yesterday. The letter, written in response to President Fernandez's request for support in June, specifically identifies with Argentina's attack on "speculative funds" which create the greatest problems for developing nations.

There's more—but that gives a flavor. Those in the United States and Europe who have the imagination and courage to fight the dying system, have a virtual juggernaut to join with. The alternative would be to commit suicide, as Western Europe is doing with its sanctions against Russia, and the United States is doing by tolerating the drive for thermonuclear confrontation with Russia, which the unhinged Obama is carrying out according to British script.

Yesterday, 60 days after his first deployment of troops to Iraq, Obama blatantly violated the War Powers Act. He and his administration simultaneously encourage the Ukrainian Nazi-backed regime in its genocidal assault on southeastern Ukrainians, while threatening Russia not to bring in humanitarian aid. And as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, "Plague," in the form of Ebola, stalks the planet, Obama and the European nations keep worshiping, and trying to enforce, the very system which has brought this scourge upon us.

That system will not last. The core of the new, just world economic order—China, Russia, India, and others—are not prepared to sit back and die. They are forging mankind's future, with the power of creativity and helium-3. Let us move our fellow-citizens to join them.