Argentines Mock Obama
August 15, 2014 • 8:42AM

"Is President Obama afraid of vultures?" The president supposed to be most powerful man in the world, is afraid of vultures?, Argentine public TV's "6,7,8 Informes" show asks in a new, rollickingly funny, eight-minute clip mocking Obama, local economists working for the vulture funds, and the vultures themselves.

Why doesn't Obama act to stop the predatory vulture funds, when he says he supports Argentina, investigative journalist Greg Palast, author of "Vulture's Picnic: In Pursuit of Petroleum Pigs, Power Pirates, and High-Finance Carnivores," asks "678 Informes." He could use the separation of powers clause of the Constitution, under which the President sets foreign policy, to override the U.S. courts' brazen backing for the vultures's attempt to seize Argentine assets. Obama, the U.S. President, is the most powerful man in the world? And he's afraid to take on Paul Singer, the most influential political donor in the U.S.? Even George Bush, Jr. acted to stop the vultures assault on Africa!

"678" then cuts to clips of Jose Luis Espert, local "expert from the City" — as Buenos Aires's financial district is called, in proper British English — repeating, over and over like a parrot, "You have to pay, you have to pay," interspersed with news commentators interrupting and laughing at him: "You're on the other side!" Espert says Argentina's fiscal deficit is the problem, not the vultures, but look at the fiscal deficit "in the favorite country of this vulture spokesman," the United States!

"678" finishes its fun with Spanish-subtitled clips from John Oliver's mockery of the vulture funds and their assault on Argentina, which ran this week on Steven Colbert's "Daily Show," ending with Oliver's question: "Isn't humanity supposed to be a lot f—king better than that?"