August 18, 2014 • 7:54PM

The bad news is that an expected all-time record U.S. corn and soybean harvest is expected to slash total U.S. farm income by 30% from last year, slashing the productivity of the population in order to satisfy the "market." Lyndon LaRouche said that we should raise a scandal about this. This is a fraud. Instead, when the cost of food goes up, the price paid to farmers must go up. Talk about idiocy! If next year's harvest is another record, the ranks of the farmers will be devastated by two good harvests!

In the context of the new world economic order centered on China with its Lunar Helium-3 fusion plan, the BRICS countries and South America, we must go back to the idea of a protectionist policy. We must protect what we're producing; protect what's necessary for the American people. Protect them!

Meanwhile, Egypt has already moved 8 million cubic meters of earth in the first twelve days of construction of the new Suez Canal, since August 6, and the pace will increase next week as more machinery is brought on. They have now outlined three concentric circles of development, starting with the canal itself, then a development corridor with new ports and rail, and then further infrastructure and service projects including large-scale housing, all providing 1.5 million jobs and expected annual revenues as much as $100 billion over the next seven years. Most will be domestically financed, as in the U.S. Abraham Lincoln policy. A pro-Egypt (and anti-Obama) caucus has formed in the U.S. House of Representatives led by California Republican Dana Rohrabacher and California Democrat Loretta Sanchez.

Back in Washington from the golf courses of Martha's Vinyard, Obama has consulted the British and other foreign governments, and his National Security staff, but not the Congress, as he widens the third U.S. Iraq war far beyond anything he promised, into active engagement in an offensive operation to regain the Mosul Dam, involving 30 bombing runs on Sunday alone, plus "advisers" on the ground. Boehner's Republicans are the ones making it easy for Obama to escalate this war in total violation of the Constitution (and the War Powers Resolution, which made continued deployments illegal after last Friday, August 15).

The first thing in the agenda, LaRouche said, is to fire Boehner. That will make it harder for Obama to get away with murder in Iraq. Obama is the biggest criminal of them all, and Boehner and the Republicans make it easy for him. We have a contemptible President and a contemptible Majority Leader. It's all nonsense! Stop it!

A Medecins sans Frontieres doctor compared the African Ebola epidemic to a train going down down the tracks, while we're running after it! For our part, we are assembling an overview and particulars, under three categories:

    I. Emergency Public Health (treatment; quarantine; contact tracing and logistics);

    II. Basic Necessities (food, water, sanitation, transport logistics, housing);

    III. Building the Economy.

LaRouche interjected that we must get rid of that damn Ukraine war which is still being promoted. Stop that war! It shouldn't happen,— it's evil. It's a fraud against humanity! Tens of thousands of European farmers are being put out of business to support fascism in Ukraine. There are no alternative markets; if they all try to sell to each other, they'll all be ruined. Lyndon LaRouche is looking at Helga Zepp-LaRouche's role as potentially crucial, because of its effects on China.