9/11 Families Hold Obama's Feet to the Fire: Keep Your Promise and Release the Damned 28 Pages!
August 20, 2014 • 10:07AM

The 9/11 families have delivered a blunt message to President Barack Obama: Keep your promise and release the 28 pages from the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11. The message was delivered in a posting on the new 28pages.org website under the headline "Obama's Unkept Promise to 9/11 Families: Releasing the 28 Pages." The website report quoted from two of the 9/11 family members, Kristen Breitweiser and Bill Doyle, who, on two separate occasions, got first-hand promises from President Obama that he would "get them released." The report cited growing pressure to declassify the entire 28 pages, which point to the role of Saudi Arabia in assisting the 9/11 hijackers. In addition to the Members of the House led by Walter Jones who are supporting HR 428, the article cited former Sen. Bob Graham and the two co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission, who recently were asked at a public event about the need to publicly disclose the 28 pages. They both strongly endorsed the full disclosure.

In a related development, Rep. Walter Jones gave a 14-minute interview to former Rep. Ron Paul, who asked Jones about the 28 pages. Jones recounted how he had fought to get to read the 28 pages, and added that there are no national security secrets in the pages, but that they do contain information highly embarrassing to the former Bush-Cheney administration. He vowed to continue to fight for their full release.