August 21, 2014 • 6:51PM

"What China is doing right now, is a miracle!" said Lyndon LaRouche on Aug. 19. "It came about because of a quality of thinking, a quality of insight, an imagination beyond anything that had occurred earlier."

See LPAC's China Has Set A New Standard For 'Super Power' page.

The Chinese provide a model of the solution to the current crisis, a crisis which demands we create a viable Presidency of the United States through activating the one public figure who can lead the necessary changes, the one who listens to Lyndon LaRouche, Bill Clinton.

That Chinese miracle, reflected in their helium-3 Moon program, is infectious, and evident in the aggressive activity of the BRICS nations. Particularly stunning is the case of Egypt, where, in true FDR fashion, the Egyptian Army Corps of Engineers is posting daily updates on the status of the work on the New Suez Canal project. Calls are going out to youth to come and join the project to build the nation. A national mission is underway, which can involve and mobilize the whole population.

South American developments also reflect this kind of pugnacious optimism, as we see in the Argentine government's moves to defend the nation against the vultures, and in Bolivia's expanding drive to promote nuclear power.

Against such a drive the British Empire has nothing to offer but terror, war, and genocide.

But those British policies are not so easy to pull off these days. The recent ISIS beheading of an American journalist, intended to strike terror, and cause chaos and fear, has turned the spotlight straight on the authors of those terror incidents—Londonistan and its collaborators in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. A member of the German cabinet has gone on TV to accuse Qatar of funding the creation of ISIS. A plethora of British publications have joined in the assault, and the ugly secret is being exposed. The way is wide open for the decisive blow in the United States—the declassification of the 28 pages of the Congressional Inquiry report that will expose the Saudi (and British) creators of 9/11.

See the LPAC leaflet distributed in Washington, D.C. 'Saudi Arabia, Qatar are the Funders of ISIS; Impeach Obama Immediately' and our BAE Systems & 9/11 page.

Along with that blow, must come political oblivion for those blocking the pages' release, and hogtying the whole U.S. government to the policies of the British Empire—Boehner and Obama.

It's time for a miracle in the United States—brought about by our own taking of responsibility for not only this nation, but the planet. We have to measure up to Chinese standards, and do what's necessary to make our fellow citizens, including the indispensable Bill Clinton, do the same.