PREVIEW: New Silk Road Leads to the Future of Mankind · Introduction to Updated World Land-Bridge Report
August 29, 2014 • 10:32AM

The following is the Introduction, authored by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, to an upcoming EIR Special Report on the World Land-Bridge.

"When the authors of this study decided last year to set out a new concept for peace in the 21st Century, by producing a revised version of the World Land-Bridge program—23 years after the first proposal for the Eurasian Land-Bridge—it was their intention not only to provide a concept for reconstruction of the world economy, but to present a war-avoidance strategy in the context of an acute strategic crisis at the same time. For in the intervening years, the danger of an intentional—or even an accidental—thermonuclear world war has grown dramatically. The attempt, fed by geopolitical motives, to associate Ukraine with the EU, and thus bring it, de facto, into the NATO sphere of influence, has triggered a series of escalating confrontations, which, in the worst case, could end in the extinction of the human race..."