Obama Hit for Refusal To Conduct All-Out Mobilization against Ebola
September 6, 2014 • 8:01AM

International President of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, Doctors Without Borders) Dr. Joanne Liu admitted Sept. 2 that her organization, which is bearing the brunt of the effort to stem the exponential growth of the Ebola epidemic, was overwhelmed by the task, and urgently called for an international mobilization by countries with anti-biological warfare capabilities to intervene by deploying these kinds of civilian and medical teams to stop the epidemic, as reported here earlier.

The next day, Gayle Smith, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Development and Democracy on the National Security Council, rejected the call from Dr. Liu and MSF: "I don't think at this point deploying biological incident response teams is exactly what's needed." She said the Obama Administration intended instead to focus on more treatment centers, protective clothing and staff training. After several weeks, "If we find it is still moving out of control, we will look at other options," Smith said. This despite the fact that Smith acknowledged that Ebola "is a threat to all humanity."

Smith is one of the White House insiders who worked on Presidential Study Directive 11, legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood as partners with the United States. She is also a supporter of using the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine as a pretext for military intervention into sovereign nations.

Possibly concerned that Obama's inaction will further convince Africans that their only hope is with the BRICS, columnist Michael Gerson penned an op-ed in the Washington Post Friday which responded to the MSF appeal. He blasts Obama Admininistration for not stepping in to lead the anti-Ebola fight, in a situation in which "The international response is inadequate and disorganized." He points out that the outbreak is now growing exponentially, and normal tools have limited value in such a situation.

He asks: "Who will direct and implement such an effort?" He notes that the World Health Organization is not an emergency response organization. He argues that the White House should be doing this, instructing the USAID, CDC and NIH to "come up with an ambitious plan," as well as a procedure to fund it. But nothing is being done along these lines.

"Is there really no one on the White House staff willing to confront President Obama with the consequences of inertia?"

He concludes: "Health officials are near their wits' end ... it is time for the United States to blaze a path out of this valley of death."

But don't forget Obama's conscious genocide towards Haiti after its 2010 earthquake. We know that Obama was personally confronted in the White House on the genocidal consequences of inaction then,— and consciously chose genocide through inaction.