LaRouche: Obama Has Nothing
September 6, 2014 • 8:15AM

The NATO-booster organization, the Atlantic Council, was down in the defeatist dumps Friday over the ceasefire in Ukraine, complaining that NATO lost the chance to decisively confront Russia, and that no proposals for significant military assistance to Ukraine came out of the summit, nor any tough sanctions. Putin outmaneuvered them again, they said.

At about the same time, David Cameron and Barack Obama were vowing that the European Union would enact tougher sanctions against Russia anyway. But U.S. statesman Lyndon LaRouche asked, "Who cares what Obama thinks? Obama's finished!

"These guys are crazy. They're also mean and nasty," he continued. "At this point, we must treat Obama and Cameron with ridicule and utmost contempt. Utmost contempt.

"The whole thing is absurd, from the start to the finish. It means Obama has nothing. All this amounts to, is Obama actually has nothing on his side.

"Look at the whole thing. The agreement of Ukraine President Poroshenko. What does that tell you? His forces were totally defeated on the ground; he had nothing left. So, what happened? Who runs the ground? And what do you think the Germans are going to do about all of this? Do you think they're going to go there and fight for this?

"Cameron has lost again!"

Meanwhile, as a catastrophic Ebola epidemic spreads in Africa, Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres, MSF), which is the only international organization actually fighting it on the ground, says the international response has been totally inadequate, that the World Health Organization doesn't have the funds or personnel to deal with it, and that countries which have Biological Incident Response Teams or the equivalent, must go in to fight on the front lines. Even Michael Gerson, the in-house neocon columnist at the Washington Post, agreed Friday that this is what is needed, and asked why Obama has done nothing. But Obama's Special Assistant Gayle Smith, who organized his so-called African Summit recently, says no. Earlier, likewise, she had said that the Ebola crisis would not be allowed to change the agenda for that phony African Summit.

"No official agency in the U.S. is doing a god-damned thing about the whole problem, or anything else of importance," LaRouche said. "As long as Obama is in the way, there'll be no food, no healthcare, nothing. The sooner he's thrown out of there, the sooner we can do something about it.

"The United States has nothing, that is, absolutely nothing in terms of strategic capabilities. It's going through a complete charade. And there is nothing! Just simply staging a stunt, and there is nothing! The point is that in the United States right now, there is no official agency in the United States which is doing a god-damned thing about the whole problem. And as long as Obama's in there, it's going to continue that way, or get worse.

"There's no food arrangement; there's no healthcare arrangement; there's nothing. This asshole is simply occupying space, with people like him. The sooner he's thrown out of office, the sooner we can probably make some sense out of this whole thing."