LaRouche: 'It's Time To Bring Bill Clinton In'
September 8, 2014 • 5:13PM

Lyndon LaRouche, reviewing the ongoing physical economic collapse and bankruptcy of the United States, the ongoing imperial thermonuclear war threat produced by the British and their captive U.S. President Obama, and this summer's emergence of a group of nations, representing more than 50 percent of humanity, who reject the British/Wall Street road to hell and have dedicated themselves to launching a new human Renaissance, issued a personal challenge to former President William Clinton to step forward and build a new U.S. Presidency right now, ridding the U.S. of Obama and decades of adherence to failed and deadly policies.

“Bill Clinton is the only individual who has the capability of rallying large forces in the United States around a new presidency,” LaRouche declared. “I am using a clarion call, ‘Bill, we need you now!’”

“The case is open and shut,” LaRouche continued. “Bill Clinton is the indispensable person—not to become the president—but to create the conditions for a new presidency. He has the capability which could be decisive. He is the only person who could force an agreement to pull together a presidency.”

"The decision as to whether to do it is his,” LaRouche said. “But I am saying that the only hope for the United States is for him to accept my proposal. He has to set the course; anything else is crap. And if he accepts, I am prepared to happily support him.”

“There is no alternative to getting Bill Clinton to take this role,” concluded LaRouche. “Anything else is foolishness. He is the target, and has to get the message loud and clear. It’s time to bring in Bill Clinton, or the US doesn't have a chance.”