This is a New Period of History; The Old Systems Have Ended
September 10, 2014 • 5:22AM

Lyndon LaRouche addressed associates in the following terms last evening.

This is probably one of the most important moments in your life, right now,— because this is a turn in the course of history, of at least the trans-Atlantic region and beyond. And therefore you have to respond to this in those terms of reference.

What we've done is, we've made a turn, where we are now effectively moving in charge of the future of mankind. And that's what we're doing as we sit in these quarters presently, now. We're now sitting amidst the future of mankind. Now, this is a process which has several elements to it. It includes what Helga did on a number of occasions. But we are shaping the future of mankind.

And what we're doing now, here, IS shaping the future of mankind. And all other considerations are, essentially, irrelevant, because they all depend upon this factor. Now, what Helga has done so far, is to actually activate what has never been done before, because what she did, in her various steps of this process, was to create a new view of the planet Earth. This will change the course of history in Asia and elsewhere. Everything that you're used to, is about to change.

What is going to happen to the United States, in general, is going to be dependent upon what she is bringing back, as we speak, to the United States.

This is a new period of history. The old history is ended. The old systems are ended. We have great systems. We have some countries in Asia, we have countries in South America, we have all these assets which are developing. And the old world, the British and the brutish, are gone. They're finished. And the Scots are probably going to take over the British; they should do it anyway; at least it would be a good chance to get them to do something decent about this whole thing. But that's what's going to happen. No longer is this organization, as such, going to shape the future of mankind. This organization, as it stands here and now, is not going to determine the future of mankind. What WE'RE doing, as we speak, now, is what is going to determine the future of mankind. And that's it. And that's what you're going to have to conform to, because nothing else you would think you could do, is going to work. Because only your ability to control the shaping of history into its immediate future, can possibly provide any access of any relevance to mankind more generally.

Now, the problem is we're in a period where most of the population of the United States, is, I could say freely, rather stupid. That is, they come along with their conventional views, what they learned yesterday, what they taught yesterday, what somebody told them yesterday, what they had in the gossip session yesterday. These are the kinds of nonsense which people fill up their heads with, and they can't get anything else in there; it's all jammed up with this crap. The point now is, people have to take themselves seriously, and stop thinking they know what the truth is: they don't. Very few people have any idea of what the truth of this situation is. Helga is coming here. And what she's bringing, is something that most of the people in this room have no conception of. But this is going to be the determining feature of the future of mankind from now on.

What she's done in China, is something that will never be forgotten. This is historic. This is one of the most important things that ever happened to the world at large. We're now in a period where everything you thought that's true of South America, is merely a secondary phenomenon. Everything you thought you knew about the history of mankind, is probably merely a secondary phenomenon, if even that. You've got to change the way you think. You can no longer continue to behave the way you used to think, because the way you think does not conform to the standard that you're going to have to measure up to.