In Second CCTV Interview, Zepp-LaRouche Outlines Silk Road as 21st Century Peace Order
September 10, 2014 • 5:43AM

A second blockbuster interview with Helga Zepp-LaRouche was aired on CCTV's Dialogue program yesterday, interestingly enough, the second day of the visit to Beijing by Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice. The topic was on the Silk Road Economic Belt, and more specifically, focusing on the upcoming visit of President Xi Jinping to Tajikistan and Sri Lanka. Helga was a guest together with Victor Gao Zhikao, the former translator for President Jiang Zemin and a regular on the Dialogue program.

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Helga elaborated the higher perspective of the New Silk Road policy as a new peace order for the 21st Century, noting the earlier conferences held by the Schiller Institute on this topic. She also underlined the fact that Russia is definitely a part of this policy because of the strategic relationship established at the summit earlier this year between President Xi and President Putin. While Russia was under sanctions, she said she felt that Russia would use the opportunity to begin relying on its own internal credits and would rebuild its economy on a different basis, citing the 15-point program of Sergei Glazyev. When asked about the growing threat of terrorism in the region in which the New Silk Road would be situated, she underlined the importance of the development policy in order to give the desperate youth in the region, many of whom were drawn to the jihadists, hope for the future. She also noted that the expansion of the project to encompass the BRICS countries had also opened up new possibilities for the developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to launch new projects that had previously been impossible.

When asked about the renminbi as a reserve currency, she underlined the importance of countries maintaining control of their own currencies, unlike what has happened in Europe, and the importance of the AIIB and the New Development Bank for the realization of needed infrastructure, a lifeboat in the stormy financial waters ahead. She pointed to her husband's calling for an international conference in order to establish a new economic order. On most of these points, Victor Gao was in fundamental agreement, also making some salient comments of his own. Only on the issue of the New Development Bank did he adhere to the mantra that the AIIB and the NDB were too small to serve as alternatives to the IMF and the World Bank.