It's Time to Throw Obama and the Rest of the Moral Degenerates Out of Power
September 11, 2014 • 7:07PM

Lyndon LaRouche gave a Thursday noon interview to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti/Voice of Russia and delivered a clarion call to remove all of the "moral degenerates"' from power in Washington—starting with President Obama. The backdrop to the interview was President Obama's Wednesday night address to the nation, in which he once again flaunted the fact that he intends to bypass Congress to start yet another war in Iraq and Syria.

While Lyndon LaRouche has endorsed General Martin Dempsey's call for an all-out campaign to wipe out the scourge of the Islamic State and other British and Saudi-backed jihadists, the plan spelled out by President Obama on Wednesday night had no relationship to the proposals presented to him by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other advisors. The President is refusing to go to Congress for proper authorization under Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution and the War Powers Resolution—just as he refused to come to Congress before the regime change war in Libya in 2011. These are clear impeachable crimes. As LaRouche told RIA Novosti/Voice of Russia, Obama should have been thrown out of office long ago. We have now reached the point where his immediate ouster is essential for the survival of the United States.

It was a particularly despicable act by the President to deliver his war pitch on the eve of the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. As Americans were commemorating the 9/11 anniversary, Obama was dispatching Secretary of State John Kerry to Saudi Arabia—to arrange for the Saudis to host the training camps for the so-called "vetted" Syrian rebels who are to both defeat IS and overthrow the Assad government in Damascus. To entrust the Saudis in this way is an act of treachery by a President who has repeatedly lied to the 9/11 families and continues to cover up the Saudi role in the original 9/11 attacks by refusing to release the 28 pages from the original Joint Congressional Inquiry.

Despite the best efforts of Speaker of the House John Boehner to support and protect Obama in his latest impeachable crime, Lyndon LaRouche was absolutely correct when he told the Russian interviewer on Wednesday that Obama is going down. On Thursday, Boehner chaired an explosive meeting of the House Republican Caucus, where a number of members refused to rubber stamp Obama's demand for another $1 billion to train and arm the Syrian rebels to fight IS as part of a pending continuing resolution. The House recessed until next week when it became clear that there is not enough support for Obama and for a continuing resolution to keep funding the government through December.

Obama's decision to once again take the country to war without Congressional formal approval must prove to be his downfall. A bipartisan group of Representatives and Senators have come out blasting Obama for refusing to seek Congressional authorization. Nothing is certain in the situation—except the fact that Obama has to go.

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Obama's refusal to work with the Syrians to defeat IS assures that there are only two possibilities if the Obama scheme goes forward: Either the operation will fail miserably because it relies on weak and/or treasonous forces actually allied with IS—including the Saudis, the Turks and the British; or American troops—hundreds of thousands of them—will be soon on the ground again in Iraq and also in Syria. Senior US military officials have made clear that the US military is at the breaking point after more than a decade of two wars, and that another prolonged Middle East war will destroy the armed forces altogether. This is where the United States has been driven after eight years of Bush-Cheney and another five years of Obama. Either the American people and the Congress develop the spine to dump this President or the nation goes down the tubes. It is that simple.

In his Russia interview, LaRouche also made clear that a new presidency is urgently needed, drawing upon the qualified talent that can be assembled. He emphasized that former President Bill Clinton is the pivotal figure—the only figure who can organize a new and effective presidency. Instead of promoting senseless wars that only fuel murderous jihadists like the Islamic State and can ultimately draw the entire planet into a thermonuclear war of extinction, a sane United States would ally with the BRICS countries, led by China and Russia, and would launch a global program of high capital-intense real growth. Instead, Obama, allied with British Prime Fool David Cameron, is pressing for Europe to impose more sanctions against Russia, despite the Ukraine cease-fire. Those sanctions will accelerate the disintegration of the European economy and further impel Russia to seek trusted alliances in Asia and with the BRICS nations and their growing network of allies. Today, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will be meeting and there are plans being finalized for a third new development bank, the SCO Bank to fund major development projects in Central and North Asia.

Obama must be impeached now, paving the way for a new American presidency shaped by the last functioning American president—Bill Clinton. There is no alternative at this moment of truth.