Saudis Are Chief Sponsors and Financiers of ISIS, and Are Playing Both Sides, Says Bob Graham
September 14, 2014 • 10:39AM

In a two-part interview with the local Fox News station in Tampa, Florida, former U.S. Senator Bob Graham (Fla.) made what may be his strongest statements to date about the Saudis. Fox opened their report as follows: "While President Obama just called on Saudi Arabia to help us fight the ISIS terrorists, and while Secretary of State John Kerry is currently rallying support from Arab diplomats in Saudi Arabia, Graham claims the Saudi government is already sponsoring the terrorists."

In the interview, Graham charged that the Saudis are "playing both sides," pretending to help the U.S. to fight against ISIS, while secretly financing the terrorists. "They essentially are the creator of ISIS and the primary source of its financial support today," Graham said. "Saudi Arabia feels they can do almost anything and nothing is going to happen (to them) because they're being protected, covered up by the U.S. government," Graham said, adding that "I think it has emboldened Saudi Arabia to give even more support to the most extremist elements in Islam, such as ISIS now in Iraq and Syria."

Graham told Fox in the interviews aired on Sept. 11 and 12, that there is evidence of a support network in the United States, that supported al-Qaeda, and that this network may still be in place for ISIS today. He pointed out that both Presidents Bush and Obama have refused to release the classified 28 pages of the 9/11 Joint Inquiry. "For 13 years, that information has been denied to the American people," said Graham. "The pot is going to break soon."