Nothing Short of Impeachment Can Save The USA
September 15, 2014 • 9:46AM

President Obama’s insistence that he can bring the United States into yet another no-win war in Southwest Asia— without going to Congress for formal approval through a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF)— has triggered a Congressional backlash. But no one should be deluded that the backlash is sufficient. This President has already committed a string of impeachable crimes and he must be removed from office immediately by appropriate Constitutional means. Nothing short of that will work.

Already some Democratic Party activists have said that the Party itself cannot survive the November elections and that the Democrats must launch impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives against Obama before November. It was Republicans, ultimately, who forced Richard Nixon to resign when it was clear that he represented a menace to the Republic. No matter what crimes Nixon committed or was about to commit, the crimes of Obama far exceed any of Nixon’s actions. The rotten deal between Democratic and Republican leaders back in the mid-2000s, taking impeachment "off the table" must be cancelled now.

The fact is that President Obama must be removed from office if the country is to reasonably survive to the year’s end. While there is no date-certain when the bottom will fall out of the London-Wall Street banks, the blowout of the financial bubble is a near-term certainty. Over the weekend, reports began to surface of a new sub-prime mortgage bubble building up while a wave of new home foreclosures has hit the U.S. Northeast and other parts of the country. Dodd-Frank and the Volcker Rules have done nothing to curb the too-big-to-fail banks from growing 40 percent bigger and even more exposed to the nearly $2 quadrillion derivatives bubble. The situation in Europe is even more advanced. Next month the European Central Bank will announce the results of its own stress tests on the European big banks, and it is universally recognized that they are all hopelessly bankrupt. Next Thursday’s referendum on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom could alone be a trigger for a London bank panic, which would reverberate immediately throughout the trans-Atlantic region.

The world has changed in a fundamental way since the July 15-16 BRICS summit, where nations representing half the world’s population and wealth planted the seeds of a new, just world system. The BRICS nations have adopted the American System and the United States must revive its own Constitutional principles to join in this effort, rather than ally with the British Empire to stop the realization of a just new world economic order— even at the cost of thermonuclear war of extinction.

This week, President Xi Jinping of China will be making a three-day visit to India to meet with India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In advance of the summit, China has agreed, along with South Korea, to sell nuclear power plants to India, and to build high-speed rail in South Asia as part of the New Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road.

The only weapons that the British can use against this march of history is war. As the recent NATO summit demonstrated, the British are driving towards confrontation with Russia, with the Obama Administration in tow. Obama’s own speech Wednesday night announced plans for a generational war in Southwest Asia— which no one believes can be won by the approach taken by Obama. You cannot achieve the legitimate goal of defeating the dark age forces of the Islamic State without full cooperation with Russia, China, Iran, and Syria. Under U.S. Administration pressure, it is expected that Iran will be excluded from Monday’s meeting in Paris to plan out the coordinated strategy against the Islamic State.

You cannot win the fight by relying on Saudi Arabia, which continues to be the main source of funding for the very IS forces targeted in the new war. Former Senator Bob Graham, in a lengthy interview with the Sunday Independent, assailed President Obama for continuing the Bush coverup of the Saudi hand behind 9/11, noting that the Saudis continue to be the biggest backers of the Islamic State and will continue to play both sides so long as Obama hides the dirty truth about 9/11.

Even closer to home, as Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly emphasized, you cannot save the Southwest region of the United States, which is devastated by drought, without the U.S. aligning with China on a science-driver program which is a leading edge of the entire BRICS revolution. So long as Obama remains in office, the United States will be doomed.

The Founders established a Constitutional Republic based on a system of checks and balances to prevent tyranny. But at the same time, they created a strong Presidential system, and so long as the presidency is in the hands of British stooges of the likes of President Obama, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarrett, the United States is doomed.

The conditions are ripe for establishing a viable presidency, with former President Bill Clinton playing a central role in its organization. A proper American presidency would immediately press Congress to reinstate Glass-Steagall, would genuinely re-set relations with Russia and China to tackle the real problems confronting mankind. All of these life and death issues hang in the balance on the question of Obama’s immediate removal from office. It is this challenge that confronts the American people today. There can be no soft-peddling or dodging of that issue if the United States and the world are to survive. The fact that Obama is on the ropes is evident to everyone. As LaRouche has repeatedly stated in recent days, Obama is weaker than he has ever been, and it is the opportune moment to force his ouster now--before the bottom falls out on the entire bankrupt system or the British and Obama provoke a third world war of extinction.